Saturday, January 25, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 25

The kids both did well in their classes. Once again Alex pretty much received one-on-one training during his first class. (He's the boy with his back to the camera- it's hard to get a good pic of martial arts in action.)

Frank wasn't feeling well and I was really tired so we walked around behind the rec center while the kids were in class. We walked around again when Sabrina was done with her class.

Frank fell asleep while I was driving so we left him in the car when we stopped at the library. The kids got to spend a few minutes in Sabrina's favorite part. She got mad because we only picked up holds; she whined that there were no books for her until she saw what the holds were. Then she exclaimed, "I love these books!"

After that we spent the rest of the day at home. You know Frank is sick if he misses outreach. Both grown-ups took naps. Then Alex rode his bike for a while. Sabrina pouted because she wanted him to play with her.I did read some of the library books to her.

Later Alex played his trumpet. He is very excited about his two new trumpet books and has been playing longer than required.

Sabrina had fun cutting paper. Yesterday, she tried to use adult scissors.

We had a short game night. We only played two games. The kids wanted more, but Frank went to bed very early. After the games he did family devotions and went to sleep.

Truthfully I wanted to join him, but I played Barbies with Sabrina instead. Then I got the kids to bed and updated the blog. Now I'm off to bed.


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