Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fratello Marionettes presents Aladin!

 I took the kids to a marionette puppet show at the library. It was put on by the Fratello Marionettes they are awesome! They put on a puppet show every Summer at our library- this was our third time seeing them. If you ever get a chance to see one of their shows GO.

It takes them a year to make all the puppets and the stage. It is an amzing performance.



Alex had another playdate with Jordan. It amazes me how much energy one more kid creates! They had a good time. (They cleaned up too.)


Jaycee Park

We combined Family Day with a park outreach. I took the kids to the Splash Pad and playground while Frank and a group from church witnessed.


Father's Day

For Father's Day, I made a meal Frank requested. The kids made him cards and we got him some books. At church we watched Courageous.

After the evening service we surprised him by stopping at Baskin Robbins. We really appreciate Frank; he's a wonderful Dad and Husband!


Nature Center

We took Frank to the Nature Center. He was impressed. Sabrina and Alex both drew pictures to go into the gallery.


Sammy's B-day party at Sunset Park

A lot of members from our church met at Sunset Park for Sammy's second birthday party. We had a great time.

The kids got waterguns in their goody bags and had so much fun shooting their parents and each other.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adam's Baptism

Our friend, Adam, asked Frank to baptize him at his apartment's swimming pool. It was a very special time.


Nature Study

We beat Adam to his apartment building so the kids and I walked around the grassy area for a bit.

Then we sat on a big rock in the shade. I noticed some snails- I didn't even know snails lived in our area. I set several snails on the rock for observation. I had never observed snails before so I learned a few things too. The snails do not carry the shell upright like in books and cartoons- the shells are dragged on it's side. We also saw one snail climb halfway onto another snail and make that snail carry him too. Another snail went vertically down the rock.

Sabrina also played with rolly-pollies.

This just goes to show that nature is everywhere, even in an apartment's landscaping.


Green Valley Park

After picking Frank up we had some time before meeting Adam so we drove around for a while then let the kids play at a park we've never been to before. Green Valley Park is a nice shaded park. Alex declared this one of his favorite parks. The beauty of the Park Challenge is that the kids get to enjoy the different features of many local, (and some not so local) parks.

Green Valley Park has a lot of monkey bar type challenges. Challenges that Alex gladly took. He said they "improve his agility and grip". He actually wore a blister on his hand.

Sabrina had fun playing with a little girl and swinging. She was able to swing herself with some coaching.

After admiring their daring feats, Frank and I got to sit on a bench and just talk.


Ethel M Chocolate Factory

After we left Crystal, we stopped at Ethel M. We took the tour and got the free candy. We also briefly walked in the cactus garden- it was HOT. Then the kids wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles and to Toys R Us, (they are next to each other). We also stopped at Christian Family Book Store before picking Frank up.


Sunset Park with Crystal

Yesterday we met Crystal and her kids at Sunset Park's Splash Pad. It was our first time using the splash pad there- the kids loved it. We had a great time with our friends. After playing for a while we took them across the street to McDonalds for lunch.

This picture is funny because it looks like Sabrina has a blond ponytail; actually Naomi is standing on the other side of her.

Crystal pushed the girls on the tire swing.

Alex and Seth had a lot of fun with waterguns. Several other boys had some too.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morrell Park

This morning I took the kids to Morrell Park. They had a good time playing together.


How do you get a cat out of a couch?

 A Cat called Cow got caught in our coffee-colored couch. (Frank)

I didn't even know that hole was there until our cat disappeared into it. I waited hours for him to come out, but finally Frank cut the liner on the bottom of the couch to get him out.

Mr. Cow is a very loveable guy.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Meet Mr. Cow

Today we adopted a kitten that Alex named Mr. Cow. More pictures coming soon- then you'll see why he's named Mr. Cow. Right now he's in a new place and is hiding under Sabrina's bed.


Girl's Night Out

Friday night a neighbor babysat the kids while Frank went street preaching and I went to a ladies fellowship. I had so much fun!