Monday, January 26, 2015

First Sunday School Class

We had our first Sunday School class! I taught on when the disciples had no fish until they obeyed Jesus and their nets were filled. It was a lot of fun. Alex has agreed to be my class helper. I will be trading off teaching with Ms. Sharon and we will be teaching as needed.


Double Sleepover

The kids got to have a double sleepover with Jordan and his cousin, Mya. This was Sabrina's first sleepover. Needless to say, they had a great time.


Sunset Park- hiking trail


As many times as we have been to Sunset Park, we have never walked the trails. Our anniversary was a perfectly beautiful day to do it. We saw two roadrunners sitting on a wall. The trails were nice, but there is no shade on the part we were.


The kids were impatient to get back to yet another playground. Sunset Park is the biggest park around here and I am not sure how many playgrounds it has, but this was a new one to us. The designers of this one seem to want everybody to get dizzy because almost everything spins. The kids loved it!


13th Wedding Anniversary

13 years of marriage- that's a long time! I am so blessed to be married to my best friend. I am thankful for a Godly marriage that is build on God's Word. We are a testimony that doing things God's way works. Hoping and praying for many more happy years together.


Gymnastics Class

Alex and Sabrina have started taking gymnastics at the recreation center. They both love it.

These kids are on their feet exercising the entire time! They have a great teacher who is encouraging, but tough.

I only wish they had the high bar, like the other rec center did.


Union Pacific Railroad Trail

The kids got to take their scooters on the Union Pacific Railroad Trail. The part between Frank's work and the college is paved. They had a great time. Since I was on foot I told them when they got to the stop sign to turn around.


Recorder lessons

I bought a recorder for Sabrina and me. Alex, who already has one, will be the teacher.


Stewart Place Park

I took the kids to Stewart Place Park for the first time in a very long time. They had a great time playing with some sisters who were there.

I felt sorry for the oldest sister who seemed to be about Alex's age because she couldn't play, though she wanted to; she was too busy watching her younger sister, who didn't listen to her, her toddler sister, and a puppy, who ran every time he was set down.


Saturday, January 24, 2015


The kids and I were eating breakfast at the McDonalds in Wal-Mart when a girl, about Alex's age, walked up to me and gave me a flower from her bouquet. I thanked her profusely and noticed she had given them to others as well. Super sweet! Sabrina wants to do this soon.

Another tea party

The day after the first tea party we had another one with Frank. Sabrina's tea pot was broke when we opened the box, which is why she is using a measuring cup to pour. I got it at a discount store and it was the next to last set so I didn't even try to return it.



Sabrina, Alex, and I had a fun tea (hot cocoa)  party with Sabrina's tea set she got for Christmas.


Crochet Lessons

A good friend is teaching Sabrina and me to crochet. Sabrina is still learning to make a chain. She knows what to do with the hook, but is having trouble holding the yarn herself. We have only had two lessons and she is making progress.

I have progressed past the chain, but I need Ms. Sharon to show me how to turn it again because my rectangle is a lopsided trapezoid. I really like crochet and so does Sabrina.


Barnes and Noble

Sabrina loves going to Barnes and Noble for story-time. We aren't as consistent with it as we used to be, but we she always enjoys it when we do go. Alex has outgrown story-time, but he still likes to visit the bookstore too.


Church update

Our church is growing! We have had 10 people several times and 12 once. We have a handful of faithful people who are there for almost every event and more who come occasionally. We now meet at the Comfort Inn for our midweek service too.



The kids were excited to visit Petland again. This time they had hamster races. It looks fun until you consider that hamsters don't always run the way kids want and kids get impatient, (all kids, not just mine). Alex's hand is behind the ball to prevent his hamster from running the wrong way. Others, however, gave their hamster a push in the direction they should go; poor things.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Someone caught a neighborbood pigeon

A certain young man was given a task to capture a pigeon in such a way that it would it would not be harmed. He used dog food, a favorite among the local pigeons, as the bait. After several days of observing avian habits and trying various trap designs, the final device was placed. The bait was carefully set, the trap, a simple box held up on one side by an upright paint brush, tied to a thread that lead to the boy's hiding place was ready. The local pigeons approached. Several birds landed near the contraption. Cautious yet curious, and fuelled a little by hunger, the pigeons darted back and forth next to the trap. Finally a brash bird threw caution to the wind and plunged into, and under the upright box to gorge itself on the dog food.

The boy yanked the thread, and in an instant, the force of the tug pulled on the support under the box. The supporting paintbrush was falling. The bird, all ready suspicious caught the movement of the thread and the support, reacted. The pigeon was turning to flee but the box connected with the ground with a clatter. The other pigeons scattered, flying away while the air was now full of shouts of triumph. Mission accomplished. Boy conquers bird.

After a few photos, the bird was released back to the wild of the neighborhood, but the boy accomplished something he may never forget.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

homemade all-purpose cleaner

As I use up cleaners we have I am trying DIY more natural cleaners. This all-purpose cleaner is just 2 cups of water to 1 cup of white vinegar, and about 20 drops of lemon juice. It does smell a bit like vinegar, but I can handle this smell much better than the cleaners we were using. I also have no problem letting Sabrina use this or using it to clean the inside of the fridge.


Grapevine Springs Park

On the same day that we hiked the Union Pacific Railroad Trail, went to McDonalds playplace, and went to Ethel M, we also went to Grapevine Springs Park. Yes, I had cabin fever, (can someone who lives in a desert have cabin fever?) and wanted to get outside.


Ethel M

On the same day that we hiked the Union Pacific Railroad Trail and went to McDonalds we also went to Ethel M to walk the cactus gardens and take the tour.


McDonalds Playplace

After hiking the Union Pacific Railroad Trail, we went to McDonalds for breakfast. The kids played for a long time. I could hear the kids talking, "I've got a sniper rifle..." I knew Alex was the ringleader in military hide-and-seek.


Union Pacific Railroad Trail

The kids and I hiked the Union Pacific Railroad Trail for an hour one day after we dropped Frank off at work.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The weather was very nice so the kids got to ride their scooters after we got back from Chuck E Cheese.


Chuck E Cheese

This is what Frank did while the rest of us went to Chuck E Cheese.

Both kids posed with Chuck E. Alex is growing up and doesn't always want to, but he did today.

Alex won 90 tickets for snagging the jellyfish! Way to go, Alex!!!

Sabrina won 125 tickets for playing this game. Between us we ended up with 644 tickets!

Of course, I can't sit idly by while they have all the fun.

I didn't know it until I bought these cups, but when you buy cups from Chuck E Cheese you get free refills every time you bring in the cups for life. It's Chuck E Cheese's way of looking out for the environment.


Mom and kids Game Night

One night while Frank was out evangelizing, the kids and I had a game night.

We played kids triominos.

Next we played Hiss. I want to get another set to expand it a bit. We actually played by the rules this time and had quite a bit of fun with it.

Kids Jenga is always fun, (unless you have a headache- past experience).

Trouble is a great game to work out character issues in kids and parents. Every time I get out of home I get sent right back. I remember liking this game as a kid...


Family eye appointment

Sabrina was nervous about going to the eye doctor so I let her watch me, ask lots of questions, and I warned the doctor. Later during her turn I asked if she wanted me in the room she gave a very emphatic NO! She got over her fear and started calling it a fieldtrip.

She was a tad disappointed that she doesn't need glasses, (neither does Alex).