Wednesday, March 11, 2015


We visited Searchlight, which is a tiny town about an hour from us. We stopped in at the one room self guided museum. It is in the same building as the one room library.

Then we walked the trail around the park. We enjoyed spending time together.



We took the kids to the open range time for archery. They were ecstatic. Both kids are improving. Alex was a little frustrated because the long bow is a bit different than a compound bow; so he had to get used to it.

We bought them their own bows to save on the rental fees. Sabrina got a compound bow. Alex got a long bow.

Frank got to try out Alex's bow.  I think I might rent the equipment and try it next time.

I thought that Saturday would be crowded, but there were only two other kids there. One was in the homeschool class and the other kid was his brother.



The kids continue to love gymnastics. They are getting better at it too.


P.S. It is almost impossible to get a good picture because they are in constant motion.

Game night

For game night we played Zingo.

We also played Sorry- this game is good for building character. Someone gets upset every time we play. Yet the kids keep choosing this game.



Pastor Jones preached a revival for us. We had 18 people on Sunday morning. I only got to hear one of the three messages because I had children's church and nursery. Every one told me that they really enjoyed the timely message.


Silly Little People



We had about five local churches, (within several hours drive) come to help us do an outreach for our revival. It was exciting to have so much help! It would have taken us months to reach all the areas that were reached in one day!

Afterwards we met at a local park for a picnic.


Rocky Update

A while back we gave our bearded dragon to a friend whose son is a few years older than Alex. We recently visited them and got some pics of what he looks like now.


Cactus Wren Park

We met some friends at a new to us park; Cactus Wren Park. It is a nice park. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed spending time with other homeschoolers. I brought the kids scooters, balls, a jump rope,  hula hoops...

Sabrina had lots of fun with her friends Tessa and Sheldon.

Alex got bored with the playground and being the oldest kid there so he joined Cody at the skate park. He loved riding his scooter on the ramps.



Once again Sabrina got a bouquet of flowers to give to ladies she saw. Only this time when we left WalMart there were hardly any ladies around! She passed out a few then ended up giving the rest of the bouquet to our friend at the park.

One lady surprised us all by giving Sabrina a dollar!


Wetlands hike

We went to a part of the Wetlands Park that we have never visited before. It is only a few minutes drive from our house and we didn't even know it was there.

We enjoyed a nice hike. It has trails for bike riding, so maybe we will do that sometime soon.


Sabrina and pet portraits

It is not easy getting a cat to pose for a picture.

Chloe did not like her outfit.