Monday, May 11, 2015

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I had never dyed eggs with the kids. Several ladies at church told me that I just had to because it was so much fun. The kids did enjoy it, Sabrina more than Alex.

We had some left over dye so we dyed some old shirts. We liked the way they turned out, but the dye is washable so.... We will just have to get a tye-dye kit sometime.


Foxridge Park

One day, for family time we brought Sabrina's ball to Foxridge Park.


Kops for Kids

We went to a Kops for Kids event with some friends of ours who also homeschool. The kids got to go inside of police cars, an ambulance, the mobile booking station... The got to talk to military personnel, a forest ranger, fire fighters...

They learned about safety and the various jobs of these first responders. It was fun and educational.


Union Pacific Railroad Trail

I am playing catch-up with the blog.

The kids and I took our wheels to the Union Pacific Railroad Trail after dropping Frank off at work. We had a lot of fun.