Saturday, September 5, 2015

Whitney Ranch Park

Yesterday, I took the kids to a small neighborhood park just to get out of the house. I chose this park because it has shade trees all around the playground and it is only a few minutes from home. We had a picnic and they got to play for a little bit.


Wetlands Park Hike

On the same day we went to Ethel M, we also went to the Wetlands Park with Frank. As I said in the Ethel M post, it was a high of 98 that day! Finally! I have been waiting for it to cool down enough to be outdoors.


The kids had fun running on these rocks. I think they would have been happy if that is all we did.

I was so happy to be outside again that I had us walk and walk and walk. It was so pleasant. Maybe I overdid it a bit because on the way back to the van all Sabrina did was complain about how much we walked. Even seeing bunnies and quail didn't cheer her up as much as it usually does.


Ethel M Chocolate Factory

I had to get out of the house. The weather has finally cooled down to a breezy 98! So I took the kids down the road to Ethel M Chocolate Factory to walk through the cactus garden. After we took our walk and tour we sat in the shade and enjoyed the nice weather for a little bit.

Alex wanted to take the tour again; read: get another free piece of chocolate. He asked if we could do the tour every day. We do live close enough, but I think that would be a bit too much.


Kindergarten Graduation

We had a homeschool Kindergarten Graduation for Sabrina and her friend Sheldon. The party was held at his house and we served cake and ice cream after the ceremony. We had a great time visiting with our friends.


Outreaching with kids

Outreaching with kids can be fun if you take time to make it fun for them and don't force them to knock on doors. We allow the kids to knock, if they want to. They are partnered up with an adult and have to stay where the adult can see them, but mostly they play nearby while the adults handle the door knocking.

If an apartment has a playground and we have time we always let the kids spend a few minutes there.

Most places have landscaping rocks or walls to climb. As long as it is safe I let the kids conquer the obstacles. Sabrina insisted that I take her picture after she scaled the wall.

If it is fun for the kids there will be less whining and you will get more done.


More Pool Fun

Ms. Sharon, who is a member of our church, invited the kids and me to swim at her apartment's pool. The kids had so much fun. Alex exclaimed, "Two pools in one week! Awesome!"


Lego Night at the Library

Frank took the kids to Lego Night at the Library. Of course, they had fun.


Pool Fun

A friend invited us to come use her pool one day. The kids had a blast and beg to go back soon. They did not want to leave.



During VBS the kids each got a drawstring backpack. I have turned them into daypacks for hiking. They contain snacks, water, a small first aid kit, a small flashlight, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a bandana, kid binoculars, and a five in one emergency whistle, (whistle, emergency mirror, compass, firestarter, and container for matches).

Having daypacks makes even short hikes seem like an adventure and they carry their own stuff. The key is to have useful items, keep it lightweight, and no snacks that will melt.


Hiking at Mt Charleston

We discovered that Mt Charleston has a new visitors' center. It is quite nice with a museum part and a gift shop.

We decided to hike the trails right at the visitor's center. The loop-trail led down into a valley, up the other side, along that side for a while then back down into the valley and up the side we started. It was pretty steep in some places. I admit it was a workout and Alex and I need to exercise.

We were able to check out a backpack filled with field guides, activities, and some equipment. We didn't use any of it though. Maybe next time, (we have used the ones at Wetlands Park).


Door-knocking Scare

Friends from Pastor Jones' church came to help us invite people to our new church. Sabrina wanted to go to the door by herself. We were all together so I agreed. As I stepped back to take a picture a dog came out of the apartment she knocked and jumped on her from behind! Nobody even realized what had happened until afterwards when Sabrina started screaming. Thankfully she wasn't hurt. The brave little girl still wants to go to doors by herself. Sometimes I let her, but now I am very close by watching.


Friday, September 4, 2015

New Church Building

In late July we found a great place for our church move. After two weeks of negotiation we got to move-in in early August! That is when the real work began.
The piles of drywall and steel had to be removed and the place cleaned up in time for Sunday morning. The picture is from Friday evening. Better hurry!
Everyone was enlisted to help. All hands on deck.
Thankfully the dear brothers and sisters from the East Las Vegas church came to help on Saturday.
We had our first service in a space that was clearly a work in progress. However, with a coat or two of paint and some additional work, it turned out well, for our very next Sunday service.