Sunday, April 16, 2017


The kids were quite happy with their Easter baskets. They each got a Children's/Tween Bible, a What's in the Bible DVD, a big chocolate bar, and a couple of games.

They also had fun hunting plastic eggs. The eggs either had a small toy or a quarter in them. (I bought the big ones with candy in them, because they are sturdier, then reuse them every year.) 

We took some Easter pictures once we got to church. The weather was perfect.

We had a wonderful Resurrection Service and received Communion, which symbolizes the body and blood that Christ gave for us.

We went to Sunridge Park for a picnic. Frank grilled and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. It was really crowded near the playground, but we found a picnic area that was further away. We enjoyed the wonderful weather and got to see multiple types of birds and even a lizard.

The kids played on the playground once we finished eating and put everything back in the truck.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Alex and Sabrina love to dye Easter eggs. We used food coloring and vinegar this time. They wanted to dye more than 2 dozen, but who would eat them?


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Peter Piper Pizza

We are quite happy that a Peter Piper Pizza recently opened near us. So, we went there after bowling. I like the set up of this one. The dining area is in the front and the play area is in a separate area in the back; which means it isn't so loud. The pizza is good too!


It was nice that during a lull, a worker played this game with Sabrina. He snagged the jellyfish, which gives 100 tickets. Sabrina hugged him when he gave them to her!


Homeschool Club- Bowling

"The bowling shoes aren't ugly, they're pretty red." -Sabrina

Neither Alex nor Sabrina had ever been bowling. When they found out the homeschool club invited us to go Alex was interested, but Sabrina thought it would be boring. We are very glad that Frank was able to take the day off and go too. One of his co-workers was able to join us for part of the time during his lunch break.

We played two games. The other two families from the homeschool club were in the lane next to ours. At first there were a lot of gutter balls, but as time went on we gradually got better. We had a blast.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Springs Preserves with Friends

We met our friends at Springs Preserves. We met in the homeschool group and have become very close friends. It is wonderful how that I am close to the moms and our kids are good friends too.

They had a Ripley's Believe it or Not exhibit. It had all kinds of weird stuff that we found fascinating.

We were the only ones in our group who had been there before. So the stuff that we had seen dozens of times was new to our friends. Some favorites included the sand, flash flood, and the animals.

We tried to go to the morning bird show, but it filled up before we could. I did not realize just how much Alex really wanted to go. We planned to eat then get in line for the second show, but he begged so we decided to see if we could eat in the lobby. No food or drink. However, the line had already started and looked really long. Both Alex and Sabrina prayed we would still get in so we joined the line.

Our friends were going to eat, but got in line too. There were people in between us and we were told not to save seats. So I figured that we would just meet up afterwards. Yet, when the kids and I got into our row another family was trying to get on the end. For some reason they sat somewhere else and there were four seats left. Just enough for our friends to join us if one child sat on a mom's lap!

To say the kids liked the show would be an understatement. Sabrina kept bouncing out of her seat. And Alex was enthralled.

Nicole had to leave after lunch, but Theresa and I stayed for a while longer. Even though we had a membership to Springs Preserve a few years ago, we had never been to the garden. It was lovely! Much to Sabrina's delight we went into the butterfly garden. Poor girl was devastated that a butterfly landed on her friend and two landed on her brother's hat, but none on her!

Thankfully Sabrina soon recovered especially since that was almost the end of a wonderful day. On the way out we let the kids bust open geodes. They all got beautiful white crystals.


Homeschool Group- Egg Hunt

We joined our homeschool group for an Easter Egg Hunt at Hidden Falls Park. The kids had a lot of fun hunting eggs.

After the egg hunt there were egg and spoon races. Alex won third place and his prize was a pair of fuzzy bunny ears.

We also enjoyed food, fellowship, and the playground. It was fun.


Homeschool Group Co-op

Our second semester of Co-op has come to an end. We have learned a lot and have made some wonderful friendships. Another perk is that I got to know my kids friends and their families.

Part of my duties this semester have been to watch the preschoolers during their open play time. It didn't take long for them to warm up to me once they discovered I like puppets. After that every time I entered the room they immediately dove for the puppets.

I started out as a helper in the Manners Class, but took over when the teacher moved. I was thrown into it and had to not only learn what I was teaching, but gain the respect of the class. I was totally out of my comfort zone. I grew a lot by the experience and ended up enjoying it, mostly, (at times I felt they weren't learning anything).

Once again I was a helper in Sabrina's art class. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, especially when we used paint. There were several times when kids would get upset if a project didn't turn out perfect and one boy who thought most of it was too hard, so I got to spend a bit of time encouraging them to try anyway.

Both Alex and Sabrina love co-op. They didn't want to miss a day and often talked me into joining their friends at the play ground across the street once we were done for the day.


FlipNOut Xtreme

FlipNOut Xtreme recently opened near our home. We have never taken the kids to an indoor trampoline place, though I have wanted to. With their grand opening they gave out coupons buy one get one free. So we only had to pay for one child.

Both kids tried this jump, but neither liked it. They were supposed to land a certain way and they had trouble doing that.

The connected trampolines were also a lot of fun.

I lost count of how many times the kids, esp. Alex did the obstacle course.

Several times Sabrina tried to outsmart the rope ladder and got dumped each time. She did, however, make it closer to the top each time.

The kids battled it out Robin Hood and Little John style.

Both Alex and Sabrina loved the zip line and did it multiple times.

Alex also really enjoyed playing dodgeball over and over.

FlipNout Xtreme is only a few minutes from our house and has a discounted homeschoolers day! We will certainly be going back.


Saturday, April 1, 2017


While the boys were at the mini comic con, Sabrina and I met a friend for lunch. Afterwards we stopped by the pet store to let Sabrina pick out a parakeet.

She has talked about getting one since our last one died, but she has not saved up the money, until now. Sabrina observed them for a while before making her decision. I allowed the saleslady to talk me into buying a second one because I was already considering it. They are social birds.

So meet Para and Parito.