Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Last night our family had the opportunity to go to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission to hear a friend preach. The Rescue Mission is a Christian homeless shelter. Frank got to testify and to pray with people afterwards.

Going there was a great opportunity to teach the kids about the homeless. Although the kids see homeless and often give them bottles of water, it was different to see so many in one place. I think this was the first time the kids realized that there are homeless kids.


A Special thanks to my IT Guy

I'd like to take a moment to thank my personal IT technician who figured out how to get hundreds of photos off of my phone when I could not.


Foxtrot Park

Since there was nobody at the Sports Park to invite to Bible Study we left and went to Foxtrot Park. Frank got to talk to several people there.

The kids played at the playground for a while. Then they ran around the field with other kids.

I just soaked up the nature. I grew up in the woods and at times I crave nature. Yes, I know that dirt, rocks, and brown shrubs are also nature. Yet, I need green. I really enjoyed watching a hummingbird, Robins, Rock Pigeons, Eurasian Collared Doves, and Great Tailed Grackles. I also just enjoyed the shadows cast by the light filtering through the trees, watching the leaves sway in the breeze, and the sound of the wind. 


Sports Park- outreach

We went to the Sports Park to do another outreach, but there was less than five people there.

The kids brought their scooters. We didn't plan for them to ride on the dirt-bike park, but they did. Now the kids call the park "Skate Park".  They have begged many times to go back.

I told Alex we would have to bring helmets next time. After explaining that he didn't need it because he was so good, he promptly fell and skinned his knee. Now he insists that next time they not only need helmets, but also elbow and knee pads.


Barnes and Noble Storytime

Sabrina loves, loves, loves story-time. Alex sometimes pays attention and sometimes does his own thing. However, both kids love going to the book store.

They made a craft and my kids became aliens!

After we help put away chairs and crayons we always take time to browse and read.


Wetlands Trail and Nature Center


I took the kids to hit the trails at the Wetlands Park early last Tuesday. First we enjoyed a wonderful hike around the trails. I let the kids take turns deciding which way to go so we ended up going in circles, but it was fun.

Alex pointed out a Greater Roadrunner. We hardly ever see one so it was a treat! This was the first time I was able to get a picture of one.

We love going on hikes. Of course, our hikes are at the kids pace and that is great. I hope that when they are older we can do longer harder hikes. By then, maybe, we will all be in shape for those.

After our hike we went to the Nature Center.


Natural History Museum

For family day we visited the Natural History Museum! We have not been there in a very long time so the kids were thrilled.

The temporary exhibit was on dinosaurs. Both kids enjoyed that one. Sabrina told me all she knew about dinosaurs from watching Diego and Magic School Bus. They both had fun dressing up.

We weren't there to watch the sharks feeding, but we still spent a while watching them. Sabrina was fascinated with them.  Alex got to show off his knowledge as he taught his little sister about the sharks.

I love the hands-on aspect of this museum. Sabrina's future job of the moment is paleontologist.


More back yard fun

Yes, my crazy girl is wearing a sweater in June! She's decided that is her favorite shirt and she wears it all the time at home.


Connect four

Around here Connect Four is serious business.


Sammy's B-day at Mission Hills Park

We were invited to Mission Hills Park for Sammy's third birthday. For some reason, Sabrina claimed she doesn't like to get wet and never even put on her swimsuit, much less got near the splash pad.

She did have fun trying to catch a baby rabbit. Near the back of the park, there was a fenced off section with a whole bunch of rabbits. Some were the cottontails that are common and some were the white rabbits that were, or at least had a parent who was, once somebody's pet. The kids who were trying to catch them didn't even come close.


Slip-n-slide pool

Someone gave us a slip-n-slide pool a while back. (We finally put it to use, because I didn't want to use it in our other backyard that was nothing but rocky dirt). Can you believe Frank blew this whole thing up? Amazing.

The kids have really enjoyed it. It's nice to have something like this in our own back yard.


Papa's Girl

Sabrina and her Papa have lots of good times, like this:


Summer Reading Programs have begun!

Both kids are participating in as many Summer Reading Programs as we can! This year Sabrina is able to read the beginner books on her own- she loves Dick and Jane.


Splash Pad at Towne Center

We met my friend, Missy and her daughter, Sammy at the splash pad for a fun play date. This splash pad is at an outdoor mall.

For some reason, Sabrina has decided that she doesn't like to get wet. She did play a little bit, but mostly, she sat on the benches.


Church Picnic- Hollywood Park


We had a very fun church picnic at Hollywood Park. The kids especially had a great time.

Sigh. Sabrina is only five, yet she keeps saying that Keenan is the greatest boy in her life.

We did have issues with dogs. Several church members brought big dogs. This is NOT a dog park. One dog went after two kids on scooters- thankfully they weren't hurt since the dog was more interested in the scooters than the kids. The owner did take that dog home. After we left, one of the other dogs attacked a kid who was trying to pet it while it was eating- that kid needed stitches in his face!


Sports Park - Outreach


We did an outreach, (telling people about Jesus and inviting people to the Bible Study) at the Sports Park. It was very hot so there weren't many people about. While Frank talked to a group of teens I took the kids to the playground.


Baby shower

I got to go to a baby shower for a friend with no kids! It was a lot of fun. One of the games was to name that nursery rhyme based on clues- I won that one, thanks to all the reading I do to the kids. I got a insulated cup for a prize.

I figured the baby got plenty of clothes and necessities, so I got her a board book Children's Bible and a small stuffed animal.


Apartment playground

We went door-to-door as a family promoting the Bible Study Frank is hosting at the library. The kids were thrilled that the apartment had a playground.