Monday, August 31, 2015


We signed Alex and Sabrina up for a weeklong VBS at a local church. I have fond memories of VBS when I was a kid, and would like for them to have that experience as well.

They were already familiar with the stories that were taught, but they sure did enjoy the crafts and games with other kids! They painted the shirts in the pictures. They begged to go back next year.


King Putt

We took the kids to King Putt for indoor golf and laser tag. It was out first time to ever do these things as a family and we had a great time.

The kids enjoyed putt putt golf.

They REALLY liked laser tag!


LOL- Lovers of Lego Club

After Sabrina started the Bible Kids Club, Alex wanted to start a club too, His club is LOL- Lovers of Lego. This club is totally kid directed; all I do is straighten up and cook a meal. For the first meeting I bought each kid a small Lego set.

It is a bit more exclusive than the Bible Kids Club, (Sabrina is the youngest member) which also means it is a bit harder to make sure the members can come. One member moved, another lives in Boulder City and hasn't been to any meetings yet, another has car problems.... Hopefully some show up tomorrow night for the next meeting.


Robin Hood Play with Nana

I got my posts a little out of order. While my Mom was here we took the kids to see a two person play at the library. The kids really enjoyed it and once again, Alex got to be one of the kid actors.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Boulder City Lego Club at the Library

Alex was invited to go to the Boulder City Lego Club at the library by his new friend. Alex is obsessed with Lego, so of course, we went. We were pleasantly surprised to see other friends from Boulder City there as well.

Alex is sitting next to his new buddy, Jonathan. These two are peas in a pod and I hope we can get them together often.

The kids voted on the three best Lego bases. Both of these boys won and will have their work displayed in a case for a month.

Sabrina had fun with her friends from the Boulder City Potter's House.

She was very very disappointed that her Lego model did not get chosen.


Bible Kids Club

A while back, I read several books to Sabrina about a girl who started a club. That inspired her to want to make her own club. I put her off for a while, but finally decided to go ahead and start her Bible Kids Club. It was all her idea.

She wanted to start the Bible Kids Club, (she even named it) to help teach kids about the Bible. The BKC meets once a month and includes the preacher's  kids from several local churches that, like us, are too small for a regular Sunday School program. We also invited some of the kids' friends who attend other churches or live in our neighborhood.

The Bible Kids Club is basically a Sunday School Class or one day VBS. We met at our house for the first couple of months, but now that we have our own church building we meet there instead. The kids really enjoy it.

At the start of each meeting we tell the kids how it was Sabrina's idea and that kids can do things that make a difference too.


Sabrina's first library card

Before participating in the Summer reading program, Sabrina would say she did not like to read. She loved to be read to, but she would claim not to like to read herself. Within a week or two of starting the Summer Reading program she decided she now likes to read and wants to read a lot!

I was happy to let her get her very own library card since she is now a reader. She gets to choose about ten books each time we visit the library. She really loves this and now I catch her reading extra books that were not assigned to her!


Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay with Nana

Alex and Sabrina both participated in the library's Summer Reading Program. The prize was a free ticket to the Shark Reef.

Thankfully they both received their tickets in time for us to take Nana before she flew back to Louisiana.

We all enjoyed it, but I think it was special to Nana because she hasn't seen an aquarium like this before. She was mesmerized as she watched and took picture after picture of the sharks and other sea creatures. I was so glad we were able to take her.


Conference July 2015

Frank and I really enjoyed our time at the Prescott Conference. The preaching and teaching was really timely and applicable.

We have free time during the afternoons. Twice we got to go out to eat with friends we haven't seen in a while, which was quite nice.

We also went hiking at Watson Lake. It was so refreshing to get away just the two of us for a little while.

Another day we hiked at Lynx Lake. It was so beautiful! We planned to go canoeing, but the rental place wasn't opened on the day we were able to go. Hopefully, next time.


Denny's with Nana

We took Nana out to eat at Denny's.


Chuck E Cheese with Nana

My mom came a few days before we left for Conference. She graciously agreed to watch the kids for us.

We tried to pack in as many fun memories as we can since they only see her a few weeks out of the year. Chuck E Cheese, may not be her favorite place, but my kids have a strong affection for the giant mouse. 

I REALLY like this game, so it probably a good thing it isn't on my phone.

Alex was super excited to get the jellyfish and the bonus tickets that come with that honor.


Camping at Lake Mead

We went camping at Lake Mead again this year, we got there on Memorial Day after most people had left. We were able to spend two nights this time, and we had a great time. We got more equipment for this trip; a queen size air mattress, an air pump, camping chairs, and a screened in canopy.

We spent a lot of time just relaxing. The kids use the tarp as an outdoor play room for their toys and books. We also played Frisbee and took walks.

It was our first time bringing Chloe and she behaved really well.

Frank taught Alex how to strike a match and light a fire.

Frank really liked his new, manly man spatula for the grill. It looks like a weapon.

We took a walk at the marina. A lady gave the kids a bag of popcorn to feed the fish and ducks. They really enjoyed that. As we were leaving they passed it on to some other kids.

The kids got Jr. Ranger booklets at the visitor center. They worked on them once we got back to camp.

Camping is such a fun way for families to bond. I am so glad that we do it.


Homeschool Friends

One day we had a play-date with some friends who also homeschool.


Afterwards we all went to the Nature Center at Wetlands Park. It was their first time to visit the Nature Center.

We also stopped by the "ranch" where Cody volunteers.

It was a busy, fun day.


Street Preaching

Members of our Mother Church, (the church who we were a part of and who helped us start a new church) came out and helped us street preach.

Sabrina asked to use the microphone too.


Wayne's Surprise b-day party

We had a simple surprise b-day party for Wayne.


After cake we played the game we got for him.


Wayne's Visit- Pump It Up

We have not been to Pump it Up for a long time. The kids had a blast.