Friday, June 16, 2017

Homeschool Group- Pool

We joined our friends from the homeschool group at an indoor community pool for a fun afternoon.


Silly kids

Silly photo-op. Sadly, we were disappointed with the Lego Batman Movie as it had too many adult jokes.


Homeschool Club- Get Air


We joined the Homeschool Club at a new to us indoor trampoline park. It has a nice setup. Depending on where the parent sits they can see the entire setup. Sabrina liked the rock wall, but Alex would have preferred a zipline. Regardless, they had fun with their friends and I had fun with mine.

Spread the Word Nevada: Book Cleaning

We have done the book cleaning almost every week for the past month or so. We are getting to know some of the other volunteers better. It is also a nice feeling to give back to our community. The books we clean go to poor children so they can have age appropriate books of their own.
 As the youngest volunteer that I have ever seen there; she sometimes gets bored cleaning book so she gets to do other things like climbing into the huge boxes to hand the books to the volunteers as they fill up the totes. Sabrina is dissappointed that she can no longer climb into the big box of books. They found a pocketknife hidden in a book. So now when she gets bored she helps clean the area we are working in, though it isn't as much fun to her.

Fox Ridge Park- Picnic

We had a fun picnic at Foxridge Park. We wanted to enjoy the weather before it gets too hot.

Library: Summer Reading Program


We met our very good friends at the library for the Summer Reading Kickoff. The kids had so much fun. Our librarians really put a lot into the Summer Reading Program's kickoff. They had multiple stations throughout the library and outside of all kinds of activities

Sabrina has determined to be the first one to get a prize so she has set a timer every day for up to 2 hours. At a time. She was the first kid at our branch to get a prize.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Park Challenge- Tuscany Park

Frank and I took the kids to Tuscany Park for a park challenge. It is a nice park that is connected to a school. It was so hot that we didn't really get to enjoy it too much.


Sea Quest- With Nicole


Several of our friends also have a Sea Quest family membership so we meet there occasionally. Nicole met us at Sea Quest and we had a wonderful time.
It was my first time to use their playground. It was hot, but I was glad for the misters.

Homeschool Group- Park Days

Almost every Friday we meet the homeschool group for a park day. We rotate between several local parks.  Sometimes we meet friends from the group on other days at parks or other fun places.  It is a lot of fun and we have visited a few parks that were new to us.

I like the outdoor exercise equipment that one park has.

Rock Wall

Sabrina has requested going back to the rock wall at the multigen center. Neither kid made it to the top this time, however Alex did make it more than half way which is the highest he has ever climbed.

Sea Quest- Company Summer Party



Every year Frank's work has a Summer Party for families. This year it was at Sea Quest. We had a lot of fun. Sabrina won the raffle for a stuffed iguana and our family also won gift cards for Cheescake factory and a movie theater, (we gave away the one to the movies.) There was also a photo contest that we won and got another gift card for Macaroni Grill.
My hair is messed up in the picture because a lorikeet (bird) pooped on my head- it was so gross. I washed my hair as best I could in the sink and again when I got home. I also promised never to go into the lorikeets cage again.

Peter Piper Pizza

After our hike we met Frank at Peter Piper Pizza for dinner and fun.

Mt. Charleston Hike

The kids were signed up for a ropes course at Mt. Charleston. Unfortunately, we got stuck behind an accident and were very late. Also I couldn't find the place and had no cell phone reception on the mountain. So after a few tears were shed we had a fun hike and picnic just us.

It could have been a really bad day, but we ended up having a whole lot of fun! We hiked down the mountain to a stream where we had a lovely picnic. Hiking back up the mountain was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Afterwards we stopped at the visitor's center.

I was quite proud of the kids for not allowing a bad beginning spoil the whole day.