Monday, July 21, 2014

Robert and Helen

On Saturday we had our good friends Robert and Helen over for lunch. We've known them for years and will be sad that they are moving, but happy that they will be closer to their son.


Bounce U

We took the three kids to Bounce U. Of course they had fun!

This contraption made me a little nervous, but it was a great challenge for the kids.

Money and time well spent.


Barnes and Noble- Story-time

Sabrina continues to love story-time, especially those that include a craft.

She was quite proud of her pirate hat and eye patch.

Alex and Chrissy read while Sabrina enjoyed story-time.


Babysitting Chrissy

The kids are thrilled that I am babysitting Chrissy. They are sad to see her go at the end of the day.


While the kids were in another room I set up the Angry Birds games and left them for the kids to discover.

Chrissy played chess with both kids.

While Chrissy and Alex played chess, Sabrina and I played Old McDonald's PopNMatch.


Game night

Frank and Sabrina played chess with her rules- basically she moves a few pieces around and takes all of her opponent's pieces. (This is also how she plays checkers.) She loves this.

We also played Hi-Ho Cherry-O for the first time. It was ok, I don't foresee this becoming a family favorite.

We combined several Angry Birds games and set them up however we wanted. This was a lot of fun.

Frank is teaching Alex to play chess by the rules.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stephanie Lynn Craig Park

After we dropped Mom off at the airport we stopped at Stephanie Lynn Craig Park on the way home.

The kids had a great time, but both Frank and I were totally worn out. (We'd gotten home at about 2 am and dropped Mom off at 7:45 am.) Despite that, we wanted to do something fun with the kids. We didn't stay long and we crashed when we got home.


Thanks, Mom

The day we got back from Conference we took Mom to the airport. We were sad to see her go. Mom, you are a blessing to us and we thank you for staying with the kids and for all the other things you do.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

A new church

Us with our pastor and his wife the night we were launched.

Great news and a petition for your prayers! Friday night Frank and I were announced to be launched from our home church to be church pioneers. We will be starting a church in the Green Valley part of Henderson, Nevada next month. This is only about 5 miles from our home church so we will be able to benefit from their support and participation in outreaches and revivals. Many other churches in the surrounding area pledged support. We are excited and blessed. We covet your prayers.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Prescott Conference- Lynx Lake

On the last day of the Conference, Frank and I went hiking at Lynx Lake. This was our second time to go hiking at Lynx Lake and we've never seen the lake!

This guy tried to get me to eat him- YUK! It is a Blue Fungus Beetle. It feeds on wood-rotting fungi, hence the name. Yet, despite it's best effort, I don't eat it.

We had a wonderful time. After our hike we went to a really good Chinese restaurant.

I certainly enjoyed being out in nature that isn't all brown.


Prescott Conference- Watson Lake

Frank and I wanted to go canoeing at Watson Lake, but we were there during monsoon season. Getting caught in the middle of the lake during a thunderstorm is not our idea of a good time. We did, however, enjoy a wonderful hike.


It was an absolutely beautiful day. We enjoyed being alone together discussing plans and soaking up nature. We saw so many lizards that I quit pointing them out and we teased about them surrounding us and attacking.

Watson Lake is wonderful. I love going there and I want for us to go camping in Prescott with the kids sometime.

Prescott Conference

Mom stayed with the kids so Frank and I could go to the Potter's House Church Conference in Prescott, Arizona. We had church services every morning and evening. We had some wonderfully inspiring sermons and the testimonies of things God is doing all over the world are simply amazing. The Potter's House has churches all over the world; we heard testimonies and preaching from pastors in places like China, Australia, Romania...

During the day and after the evening services we had free time. We went out to eat with friends, played chess in the lobby of our hotel, had great discussions, went hiking, and relaxed.  We had a very good time.


Arizona Toad

As Mom and I were leaving Target we saw a group of people taking pictures of something flopping around in the parking lot. As they walked away curiosity got the better of me. I drove to where they were expecting to see a bat or huge moth. It was a toad hopping around in the middle of the parking lot. I couldn't just leave it there to get run over so I caught it in a plastic bag and took it home.

At home, Frank and I discussed what to do with it, the kids observed it, then I looked it up and discovered it was an Arizona Toad, which is a protected species. I also learned a few facts about them. Frank and I took it back to Target, but behind the store, where there is less traffic and yet sand to burrow in and water. It is close enough to where we originally found it that it should be able to find it's home.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mom's Visit- Red Rock Canyon

My Mom came to visit and to watch the kids while Frank and I attended a church conference in Prescott Az. She got here a few days before we left.

We took Mom to see Red Rock Canyon. It is very beautiful, which is why it is a National Park. Since it was such a hot day we only visited the visitors' center and drove the scenic route.

The kids each participated in the Jr. Ranger program. Sabrina kept telling me that she had to fill out her report.


We had a good time enjoying each other and one of our national treasures.