Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Homeschool Group- Back to School Party

We met other members of our homeschool group at a local park for a back to school party. It had a very nice turn out with lots of new families. We all enjoyed ourselves very much.


Solar Eclipse

Sabrina was so excited about the Solar Eclipse. However, we didn't get to see much more than a very thick cloud cover. We stayed outside anyway hoping it would clear up.

Later that day it was a beautiful day.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Natural History Museum- with Jack and Evelyn

We always have fun when we get together with Nicole and her kids. The Natural History Museum was no exception. The kids were so into each other that I am not sure they even noticed anything the museum had. At the end they were all fascinated by a video; it was kinda funny because they probably could have watched it at home.


Library- Lego Challenge

Alex was pleased to be able to attend the library's Lego Challenge. They were given certain themes to build within a limited amount of time.

They also played a modified version of musical chairs.


Bounce U with Nicole and her kids

We were very happy to be able to meet our friends Nicole, Jack, and Evelyn at Bounce U. It is not my favorite place so I snapped a few pictures then sat down and talked with Nicole. It was much more enjoyable in her presence.


Springs Preserve

A while back Alex won a raffle at the Spread the Word Nevada Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Part of his prize was 4 tickets to Springs Preserve. I am glad we did not get a chance to go right away, because when we did go they had a space exhibit that both kids really liked. They got a chance to learn about the Space Program and what NASA does. In fact, Alex now has NASA's website as part of his school and we recently found out a friend of mine worked on some of NASA's projects.

Of course, we also enjoyed the regular exhibits as well.

We enjoyed spending time together and learning as a family.


Whitley's Birthday Party

Whitley invited us to her birthday party at a new to us park. We knew most of the other guests and the kids had a blast. I enjoyed visiting with several of my friends while they were off playing.

Whitley is a very sweet young lady.


Erin's Birthday Party

Alex and Sabrina were invited to their friend Erin's 13th birthday party. While both kids get along well with Erin, Sabrina adores her. It is cute to watch them together. Her mom says Sabrina reminds her so much of Erin at that age; I can look forward to what Sabrina will probably be like in a few years.

Sabrina got her a stuffed dragon. Alex got her the last book in a series that she introduced him to.


Alex W. and family moved away

One of Sabrina's best buddies has moved away. I babysat the kids at their house while the parents were loading the U Haul. Sabrina got one last play date with one of her very best friends. I am also very good friends with his mom. They are greatly missed.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Homeschool Group- Pool Day

We enjoyed a few pool days with the Homeschool Group this Summer.


Magic Show at Library

The kids and I enjoyed a magic show at the library. I couldn't figure out how he did most of his tricks and the jokes were so corny the kids loved them. It was fun. He even showed us how to do one trick.


Sea Quest with Angel

We took our friends Angel, Angie, Angel, Angela, and Princess to Sea Quest. I really enjoy taking people somewhere for their first time. It is so much fun to see them react to things that are new to them.


Elexa and Audrey's Visit- Boulder Bowl

Boulder City has a vintage bowling alley with only 8 lanes. It is a very cool and could be a very fun place, except the people running it are rude and demanding. (She made us put away unopened water bottles, even though they sell alcohol and fountain drinks. She claimed that the water bottles couldn't be left out on a table because of insurance, (???).) We were determined to have fun despite her. (I refuse to go back though because the guy was just as rude last time.)

My friend Teresa and her kids joined us for one last get together before she moved out of state. 


Elexa and Audrey's Visit- Natural History Museum

We took Elexa and Audrey to the Natural History Museum. Sabrina saved up and paid half for a family membership, so it was her treat, partly. The kids didn't slow down for better pictures, but they seemed to enjoy the museum and being together.


Elexa and Audrey's Visit- Mt. Charleston

We have never been to Mt. Charleston while it was raining, but this was our only chance to take Elexa to touch a mountain. The kids were very scared because the three adult's phones kept going off for a flash flood warning. Needless to say, we did not hike.

We did spend quite a bit of time in the visitor's center. Thankfully, we were all inside when the hail started up.

Yes, we were as cold as we looked, but we touched that mountain!