Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Marla's Visit- Shark Reef

Once again the kids got free passes to the Shark Reef for participating in the library's Summer Reading Program.

This time we took their Nana. She was a bigger kid than they were.

We had a great day, spending time together. Afterwards we went to Red Lobster.


Precott Arizona- Canoeing at Lynx Lake

We finally got to go canoeing!!!! I have been wanting to do this the past few Conferences, but we weren't able to. It was wonderful!

I have only been canoeing one other time, when I was a teenager, so at first I kept paddling only on one side of the canoe. After 5 minutes my arms were hurting and I realized there was no way I would last for an hour. Once Frank reminded me that I should be switching sides it was great. I loved every minute!

It was a perfect day for canoeing too.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Prescott Arizona - Willow Lake

Almost every time we go to Prescott we go hiking at Willow Lake. It is very beautiful and not a lot of people are there.

This time we saw multiple deer and a pair of some kind of bird of prey. We couldn't get close enough to identify them, but they were beautiful!



Once again Mom watched the kids so Frank and I could go to Conference. It is a huge blessing to us!The messages are timely, many dealing with the great need of the lost around the globe. Also it is very nice to have time together with no responsibilities except getting to the meeting on time.  We also got to spend time with friends, which was extremely nice.


Marla's Visit- Red Rock Canyon

My Mom really enjoyed Red Rock Canyon when we went before so we took her again. Our first stop was the visitor's center. The kids both participated in the Jr. Ranger Program, (like they always do).

We also drove the loop and stopped for pictures. It was a fun day.


Marla's Visit- Children's Museum

We used our membership, thanks, Mom! The kids really enjoyed themselves and we enjoyed watching them. They both really really liked the pretend play.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Marla's Visit- Barnes and Noble

Mom and I took the kids to Barnes and Noble. My kids really like to go there to read and play with the toys.


Marla's Visit- Bighorn Sheep

We took my Mom to see the herd of bighorn sheep at Hemenway Park, in Boulder City. She was amazed.

I really like the view with Lake Mead in the background.


Marla's Visit- Chuck E Cheese

Mom and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. They had so much fun.

Sabrina caught the shark! She was super excited!


Marla's Visit- Sabrina's flowers

Mom bought Sabrina some flowers to pass out to her friends at Smiths and to other customers. Sabrina has decided that all the workers at Smiths are her friends and she goes to each and every worker to say hi and call them by name. Many of them have told me how cute and sweet she is.


Marla's Visit- Crystal Palace Skating Rink

Mom got to watch me and the kids skate. I am sure she was bored after a while, but they enjoyed showing off for Nana.

The kids and I love skating. I wish they had the Summer Passes available year round.


Marla's Visit- 4th of July

Since my Mom was here for the 4th of July, we took her to the bluffs to see the fireworks, The picture is blurry, but we had a panoramic view of the valley. She was in awe.

I spent twice as much on fireworks as I did last year. I spent a whopping $4 on sparklers and poppers. Normally we just watch other people burn their money.


Sunday School

The kids had a fun Sunday School class where they got to make animal masks. I hope more kids start coming soon. We have had to put the Bible Kids' Club on hold for now because the other kids who were coming moved out of state.


Spread the Word Nevada- book cleaning

Spread the Word Nevada gives gently used books to kids who attend schools where the majority of the kids are on free or reduced lunch. For many of these kids the free book they get once a month is the only age appropriate books they own.


Alex, Sabrina, and I recently helped with a book cleaning. We checked the books for damage, wiped them down, removed stickers... Now that Summer is over, we plan to do a book cleaning about once a month.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lego Club at the library

The kids both enjoy the library's Lego Club. Sometimes they have a theme and other times it is free play- either way it's Lego!


Wayne's Visit- Bounce U

The kids think that no visit from GrandPapa is complete without a trip to a bouncy house place! So we visited Bounce U. Several times the kids got free passes to Bounce U for visiting our library- NICE!


Wayne's Visit- Springs Preserve

We haven't been to Springs Preserve in a long time so we decided to take Wayne! We have never visited the Nevada State Museum part of it before so it was a nice change. Sabrina loved the hands on crafts.

Of course, we also enjoyed the parts of the museum we have seen. Both kids spent a long time on the changing landscape display.  The flash flood part was also a good reminder.


Wayne's Visit- Hermit Crabs

Alex and Sabrina used some money they saved and some money Grand Papa gave them to buy hermit crabs. We got a bunch of books from the library to help us learn about their new pets.