Monday, January 27, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 27

Frank took today as a sick day. I did some housework, but I was really tired today. I didn't feel sick just run down.

Alex is a happy boy because he got his Legos back! He even stayed up late last night to get a head start on his school work for today.

Sabrina has been asking for a musical instrument for a while.  She is quite happy with her new recorder. Today she just played around with it, but we will begin teaching her to use it soon.

Tonight the boys went to men's discipleship class at church. While they were gone we had girls' night in. First we played eight different games- yes eight.  We played until I was tired of games.

I planned on reading to Sabrina, but now I have a sore throat. I guess I'm getting Frank's cold. Sabrina really looks forward to girls' night in; she wants to have my attention the entire time. So I put the modified media free month aside and we watched Curious George together.

After that we played Barbies for a little bit. Then the boys came home.

Sabrina had a hard time staying awake for our nightly Bible Time.


Modified Media Fast Day 26

It is fun teaching the younger kids, but I do hope I get a helper soon. It is hard to teach and keep control of 2-7 year olds. I taught about Noah's Ark.

After church Alex rode his bike around the neighborhood.

We had a potluck during the evening service. Both kids helped move chairs. Alex brought his bike and Sabrina brought her scooter, but it was too dark to get any good pics. They rode in a part of the parking lot that wasn't being used.

When we got home we relaxed by reading in bed.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 25

The kids both did well in their classes. Once again Alex pretty much received one-on-one training during his first class. (He's the boy with his back to the camera- it's hard to get a good pic of martial arts in action.)

Frank wasn't feeling well and I was really tired so we walked around behind the rec center while the kids were in class. We walked around again when Sabrina was done with her class.

Frank fell asleep while I was driving so we left him in the car when we stopped at the library. The kids got to spend a few minutes in Sabrina's favorite part. She got mad because we only picked up holds; she whined that there were no books for her until she saw what the holds were. Then she exclaimed, "I love these books!"

After that we spent the rest of the day at home. You know Frank is sick if he misses outreach. Both grown-ups took naps. Then Alex rode his bike for a while. Sabrina pouted because she wanted him to play with her.I did read some of the library books to her.

Later Alex played his trumpet. He is very excited about his two new trumpet books and has been playing longer than required.

Sabrina had fun cutting paper. Yesterday, she tried to use adult scissors.

We had a short game night. We only played two games. The kids wanted more, but Frank went to bed very early. After the games he did family devotions and went to sleep.

Truthfully I wanted to join him, but I played Barbies with Sabrina instead. Then I got the kids to bed and updated the blog. Now I'm off to bed.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 24

This morning we dropped Frank off at work then went straight to the Wetlands Park. We spent about an hour and a half walking the trails. Since it was earlier in the day and the kids actually listened and kept quiet we saw quite a variety of wildlife.

After that we watched the “educational” movie. Of course Alex exclaimed, “this is media free month!” To which I replied we are allowed to watch educational movies. It wasn't really educational it was one of those movies which show nature scenes from the local area with a musical score. I made it educational by naming all the animals I knew and pointing out other things.


We followed that up by a visit to the Nature center. We enjoyed it, as always. Sabrina spent more time at the displays so I was able to go over some of them with her more than in the past.

Next I surprised the kids by taking them to Silver Bowl Park. For the most part we pretty much had the play ground to ourselves.

For lunch we had McDonalds and the kids got to play for a while.

After lunch we went grocery shopping. As I was leaving there was a very young beggar, most likely a runaway- she reminded me very much of my niece. Sabrina wanted to take her home with us. Instead we gave her a couple of bucks and prayed for her.

We picked Frank up with the groceries still in the car and headed home. I relaxed and put together my Sunday School lessons. Sabrina played with the pets and later with her brother. Frank went street preaching. Alex rode his bike and played with neighborhood friends. (Have I mentioned that Alex loves his bike?)


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 23

It is kind of odd to me that I thought the kids would be the ones to have a hard time with the Modified Media Fast, yet I seem to be having more trouble with it than they are. They have only watched an educational DVD twice this month and Alex has used the internet once or twice to look something up. The kids hardly even asked to use the computer. I, on the other hand, have to fight the temptation to use the computer as a way to relieve boredom- not that I'm bored all the time.

Today was a school day for Alex and Sabrina. Sabrina really likes using Kumon First Steps Cutting Paper, which is a workbook I used with Alex as well. Alex is enjoying learning about ocean animals in science. They both have been listening to a lot of Adventures in Odyssey audiobooks.

When Frank got home Alex went for a bike ride. Sabrina and Frank went out also so she could ride and he could invite neighbors to tonight's Bible Study.

Tonight was our first Bible Study in our new home. For now our Bible Studies are for people in our neighborhood and some of Frank's co-workers who live nearby. One of Frank's co-workers came tonight.


Modified Media Fast- Day 22

I have to admit the modified media fast was difficult yesterday. I had finished the book I had been reading and didn't really feel like starting another one just yet. The house was clean. The kids were doing school. I was bored. I wanted to just relax and surf the net. I probably was on the computer for over the self imposed 30 minute limit, though not all at once. Finally I settled down with another book.

When Frank got home we went for a walk in our neighborhood. We didn't get far. We both ended up talking to neighbors who live just a few doors down. While we enjoyed our talks, we certainly can't call that a walk.

We had church last night. I was supposed to have nursery, but there was only one child so I didn't have to do it.

After service Sabrina and I often refill the small fridge with bottle waters. I started having her help because it is a simple thing she can do to help others. Now she normally reminds me.

After church Sabrina worked on learning to read with Frank.

Modified Media Fast- Day 21

Tuesday morning I had to clean up where Chloe made messes in the house. The doggie smell is taking over! I got carpet freshener for pet odor. If you have suggestions HELP!

I had planned to take the kids to Barnes and Noble for story-time. As we were getting ready Sabrina had a pretty severe coughing fit. Alex got to listen to an audiobook while I read aloud to Sabrina.

The kids and dog got to play in the back yard for a while.
Chloe needed a bath big time. As I mentioned she has a real bad doggie odor. She was super hyper after her bath. The kids started running around with her too- gym class.
Mr. Cow and Chloe have a lot of fun chasing each other. It is fun to watch them play.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 20

I spent most of the morning and into the afternoon reading Little Lord Fauntleroy. It is a very good book that I'd never read before. The main character is a little too perfect, but other than that I like it.

We went hiking at Whitney Mesa Recreation Area. We hiked a different part than last time. It was fun, but because of the terrain the trails didn't really connect and just seemed to be dead ends. The kids wanted to leave the hiking area and go to the nearby play ground.

We stopped at Stephanie Lynn Craig Park for a little while. The kids got to play and burn some energy.
Frank got to witness to someone.

When Frank left for a men's discipleship class he dropped the kids and me off at the store. We stopped at several stores in the shopping center. Then we walked home.
I thought Sabrina looked adorable in this sweater dress. She grumpily declared, "I look like a knight!" I guess it does sort of look like a tunic. Needless to say, we didn't get it.
Frank beat us home and came looking for us when we were almost home.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 19

I am not a morning person never have been and never claimed to be. Yet for some strange reason the kids love to come snuggle in bed with me while I'm semiconscious. The pets would to, if I let them. I don't let them on the bed so they put their paws on the bed and beg for attention. Why they'd want to be with the grumpy, grouchy Mommie is beyond me.

I had a small group in my class today. We learned about several heroes of faith including Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Deborah... It is sometimes hard to know how much these kids are learning. The younger girls weren't really paying attention and were a bit disruptive.

After church we had friends over for lunch. We really enjoy it. We also invited some first time visitors. I think this is a great way to get to know people and make new friends.

The kids enjoyed playing in the back yard with Chloe. They are giving the dog more attention than the cat. Frank and I have made a point of giving Mr. Cow more attention. The kids will come around after the newness wears off.

After the evening service we had another fellowship. I don't think we have ever had two fellowships at our house in one day, but we had so much food leftover from the party and this morning's fellowship that I suggested to Frank that we invite someone over. The kids were happy that the family we invited also have kids. Alex pulled out a bunch of games and they had fun with those, (the boys are playing battleship in the picture). Sabrina fell asleep at church and she went back to sleep while our guests were still here.
As you can tell, today was busy, but happy.