Friday, July 29, 2016

Crystal Palace Skating Rink


Crystal Palace Skating Rink had a Summer special to buy a 6 time pass for a discounted price. I got one for the kids and me. Although I skated a lot as a teen my kids hadn't been skating in years. At first they were both hanging onto the wall for dear life and I lost count of the falls.

Now they are both out in the middle and getting better each time. They are even practicing hops. Sabrina wants to take the class to learn even more.


Summer Reading Program

Of course, Alex and Sabrina once again participated in the library's Summer Reading Program. The pictures are from the kickoff for the program. Alex, who keeps growing, is now on the tween program. Both kids won prizes such as giant cookie coupons,  coupons for Rita's Ice, beads, free books, and a pass to the shark reef. Both kids are done with the official program, meaning they have read over 20 hours, but are continuing for raffle tickets and extra small prizes.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tournament of Kings

For family day at Frank's work they paid for us to go see Tournament of Kings! I got to meet several of his co-workers. Of course, we loved the show, (it was the same as last time). The food was great and so was getting to spend time together.

We weren't allowed to take photos during the performance, but afterwards several actor posed for photos.


P.S. We were thrilled that the company paid for us to go, so we were shocked by what we won in the drawing: Sabrina drew a number out of an envelope and won four 7 day passes to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and San Diego Zoo Safari Park! We plan to use them in February.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pen pals

Alex and Sabrina have become pen pals with several of their cousins. They love getting mail and writing letters. I think it is a fun way for them to get to know their cousins who live in other states. I bought colored envelopes and cards to make it even more fun.


Grilling for Memorial Day


We invited the members of our church over for lunch the Sunday before Memorial Day. We had a great time, even if the meat was burnt...Heehee.


Fun at a friend's pool


Our good friends from Boulder City invited us to play in their neighborhood pool and for dinner. We had such a good time.

Their new home is right on the edge of the desert. After we ate, the grown-ups were sitting on the patio talking when I saw a neighbor using a blacklight. I mentioned that he was looking for scorpions. We reassured our friends that we had never seen a live scorpion since we moved here. Right then, George saw one, a big one, on the wall behind Frank!


Park with homeschool group

We joined a homeschool group right before Easter. We meet them almost every Friday for a park day or a pool day. We are part of a great group and I am very glad we have joined. Alex and Sabrina are making friends and learning to get along with others.

I do not remember the name of this park, but it was nice. It had lots of climbing things for the kids.


Date night- Ethel M

Ms. Sharon babysat the kids so Frank and I could go on a date. We went to Ethel M to walk the trails and because they had booths set up and several radio stations there. We really enjoyed ourselves and we also got to see the baby rabbit.

Afterwards we went out to eat and to the bookstore. It was a lot of fun.