Monday, May 1, 2017

Wayne and Leann's Visit - Picnic at Whitney Mesa Park

Thankfully a child requested Whitney Mesa park for our picnic because when we got there we realized that we left the chicken! Whitney Mesa Park is about a five minute drive from home so I was able to retrieve it.


Wayne and Leann's Visit - Ethel M


The children requested visiting Ethel M for a stroll around the cactus garden and a tour, (free piece of chocolate).


Wayne and Leann's Visit - Rock Wall


Sabrina has been wanting to go back to the rock wall. So, we took Wayne and Leann during their visit. Nobody made it to the top this time, but all four climbers did get a workout.


Wayne and Leann's Visit- Sea Quest


This was the first time we took Wayne to Sea Quest. One of the perks of having a family membership is that guests are half off. We all enjoyed it.


Wayne and Leann's Visit - Bounce U

We were excited that Leann was able to come visit with Wayne this time.



I had a couple of free passes left for Bounce U. The kids love going there, (it isn't my favorite place so they haven't been there since Wayne's last visit).


Homeschool Group- Whitney Mesa Park

We joined our friends from the homeschool group at Whitney Mesa Park.


P.S. I have recently been named a Board Member for the homeschool group.

Bagging food for homeless

We gave away our last bag of food for the homeless. Therefore, we bought enough for six more bags.


Homeschool Group- Chess Club

Alex enjoys chess club very much. This time I dropped him off and took Sabrina to the park. Alex won three out of five games.


Homeschool Club -Armdor Park

Sabrina and I joined the homeschool club at Armdor Park. We did not get to stay the entire time because Alex was at chess club. It was fun, and I did not want to leave.


Dentist school

Least you think homeschoolers never leave the home....

Dentist office school! Yes, they worked on homeschool while waiting for me to finish my appointment.

Afterwards we went to Trader Joe's.


Girls' Night In

During girls' night in, Sabrina and I walked the dog. Sabrina enjoyed choosing our route.

We also played some games; such as Pengaloo, Mastermind Towers, and Ticket to Ride First Journey.


Co-op- end of semester party

Our semester of co-op has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. We celebrated with a party. Each teacher had a display of things the children learned in the classrooms. There was also a recognition of the teachers and those who planned it.

Someone brought a parachute, which was a big success.

There were also a handful of board games, which were also fun, though the kids mostly played outdoors.

The middle school and high students put on a play that they worked very hard on.

It has been a wonderful semester, but I am looking forward to the break.