Monday, January 27, 2014

Modified Media Fast- Day 27

Frank took today as a sick day. I did some housework, but I was really tired today. I didn't feel sick just run down.

Alex is a happy boy because he got his Legos back! He even stayed up late last night to get a head start on his school work for today.

Sabrina has been asking for a musical instrument for a while.  She is quite happy with her new recorder. Today she just played around with it, but we will begin teaching her to use it soon.

Tonight the boys went to men's discipleship class at church. While they were gone we had girls' night in. First we played eight different games- yes eight.  We played until I was tired of games.

I planned on reading to Sabrina, but now I have a sore throat. I guess I'm getting Frank's cold. Sabrina really looks forward to girls' night in; she wants to have my attention the entire time. So I put the modified media free month aside and we watched Curious George together.

After that we played Barbies for a little bit. Then the boys came home.

Sabrina had a hard time staying awake for our nightly Bible Time.


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