Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wayne and Audrey's Visit- Clark County Heritage Museum

Today we visited the Clark County Heritage Museum with Wayne and Audrey.

We visited the period homes first. Alex's favorite part is the print shop. However, the kids were impatient to go search for animals.


Then we walked some short trails looking for animals. We saw quail, rabbits, a hummingbird, a cool spider, and lizards.

We also spent a few minutes looking at the displays in the main part of the museum.


Wayne and Audrey's Visit- Wetlands Park and Nature Center

Yesterday, Wayne, Audrey, Alex, Sabrina, and I went to the Wetlands Park and Nature Center.

First we visited the Nature Center, which is always fun.

Sabrina and I had fun with magnifying glasses.

Next we hit the trails. Audrey was super excited to see a road runner, quail, American Coot, coyote scat, and bird nests.

Wayne and Audrey's Visit- Game time

The cousins and their grandpa played All Around Town.


Happy Birthday Sabrina!!!!

Sabrina is now 5 years old!!! She had a very good birthday.
 She got one present before I took Papa to work. Then Grandpa gave her some money and she got to choose what she wanted- two small stuffed animals and a remote control car. Alex also got to spend his birthday money on Lego, of course. The rest of her presents had to wait until after Papa got home.

Her absolute favorite gift is the rabbit that her Aunt Sandy made for her. Sabrina said, “it is the best rabbit in the whole universe,” and that she is “going to sleep with it every night”. (She has so far.)

We are so glad that Wayne and Audrey got to be here for Sabrina's birthday.

Wayne and Audrey's visit- Barnes and Nobles

On Sabrina's birthday, we took the kids to Barnes and Nobles for story-time. Sabrina loves story-time! She told the lady hosting the story-time that it was her birthday so they all sang to her.

Wayne and Audrey's visit- Foxtrot Park

Before visiting our new house we took the kids to Foxtrot Park. It is a park not too far from our new neighborhood.
Frank got to visit with his Dad while I watched the kids.

The kids had fun, but for the most part they looked for trash instead of playing at the playground. Audrey found a pair of discarded sunglasses and the search was on.

Wayne and Audrey's visit- Mission Hills Park

The kids were excited to visit a park. They ran around and burned up lots and lots of excess energy. Audrey noticed a girl who was pouting by herself and she coaxed the girl into playing with her- it was real sweet to watch.


Wayne and Audrey's visit- Clark County Library

We are excited to have Wayne and Audrey with us this week! The kids are thrilled to be able to spend time with grandpa and their cousin just in time for Sabrina's birthday and their joint party. 

We took the kids to play at Clark County Library. They thought it was the playground! They were running around playing tag, I think, and hiding the kitchen toys all over the place. We decided to take them to a real playground before we got kicked out.

Harmony Park

On Saturday I took the kids to Harmony Park. There were lots of kids Sabrina's age, but not any Alex's age. Alex and I played Hero Factory and ran around defeating invisible bad guys. It was fun.