Monday, February 23, 2015

Christian DVDs for kids

I am always on the look out for Christian DVDs for the kids. I am sure other parents are too, so I will share some I found. The series I share today are suitable for preschoolers, though some will also appeal to older kids too.

Veggie Tales is a very familiar show. The talking veggies teach morals and faith in God. Sabrina (6) still loves it. Alex (10) will watch the new to him shows, but he doesn't choose Veggie Tales any more. I enjoy some of the shows too.

Hugglers is definitely a preschool show. It is very cute and Sabrina watched it over and over when she was younger. The episodes take place in a preschool Sunday School class. The "kids" have very different and even stereotypical personalities, yet they learn to work together and get along as they learn Bible stories.

Boz is a Christian cartoon version of Barney. It has a very positive family environment with loving and involved parents and grandparents. The character of Boz is a bit goofy. This DVD has the kids learning to do chores and helping others. The characters pray and talk about God. There are some cute songs at the end of each episode. It is a good preschool DVD.

3,2,1 Penguins is super silly, but also contains some profound lessons for kids. It quotes the Bible and teaches lessons like sharing and getting along with others.  Alex recommends it for ages 5-8.

Read and Share Bible is a good way for young kids to learn Bible stories. It is a little bit slow paced, so it probably would not hold the interest of older kids as well.

What's in the Bible? spans age groups. Alex loves this as much as Sabrina. This series teaches a lot about the Bible, in fact, I was a bit surprised about how in depth the lessons are. It also includes a bit of church history. Yet, the puppets are silly and very entertaining. 

Beginners Bible is a series that I do not believe is on DVD, but Sabrina watches complete episodes on youtube. These are a lot of the most well known Bible stories and they stick very close to the Bible, with a few funny things thrown in, (ex. Noah's sons licking their lips while Noah prays for food. Nothing that in any way detracts from the story.) This is a series that can span age groups as well.

These series can be found at a Christian bookstore, on Amazon, ordered directly from the producers, or maybe even the library.

I plan on doing more posts on other kids' Christian DVDs soon. If you know of others leave a comment.


Sunday, February 22, 2015


It has been a while since we had anybody from Pastor Jones' church over. Today we had our good friends, who we trade babysitting with, over for lunch. We had so much fun.


More pets

I mentioned that my kids love Petland... Well, yesterday they had a promotion to buy a kit with either a beta or a frog for $10. Alex chose a frog and Sabrina chose a beta.



What a busy day Friday was! We had archery, met the homeschool group at the park, gymnastics, and a special church service at another church! It was a great day, but thankfully most days are not that busy.

This was the last class of the session so I signed them up for the next session. Their teacher also teaches at a local studio and he gave them a free class at his studio. I look forward to using it, though I doubt we will put the kids there because of the cost.


Homeschool Group- Whitney Mesa Park

One of the moms we met at the archery class told us about a homeschool group that was meeting later that day at a nearby park. We went and met them. We all enjoyed ourselves very much. I didn't realize how much I missed being part of a group like this. Hopefully it works out this time; it is off to a great start.



The kids got a taste of archery at a homeschoolers archery class at the local recreation center. They have never even held a real bow, yet by the end of the class both kids hit the target several times.

They had so much fun that we are planning on going to the open range times and may even get our own equipment, to save the cost of the rental. It costs $4 each for using the range and $10 each for renting equipment. Frank and I may join them.

The kids posed for pictures too.



On lovely days the kids enjoy riding their scooters. Sabrina isn't old enough to be out front without a parent so one of us watches her.


Chuck E Cheese

My parents sent a coupon and the money to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese!

We really enjoyed ourselves, especially with competing games.

The kids have saved up their tickets from the last few times we went to Chuck E Cheese and Sabrina got a teddy bear. Next time they will save up for Alex to get a big prize. Unfortunately, the price of a lot of games has gone up from one token to two tokens.



My kids love Petland. Every time we go there the kids try to talk us into another pet. Sabrina really wants another bunny. No way. So she gets her bunny fix at Petland.


City nature- dried mud

I hear people say there isn't nature in the city, which of course, isn't true. While waiting in a parking lot the kids got to explore a dried up puddle. They were fascinated with the way the mud dried up and had a blast throwing it and breaking it.

Something simple and also something that most people would ignore, but still nature. Afterwards they simply used hand sanitizer.


tea party

My friend, Ms. Sharon, gave me a tin of homemade cookies for my birthday. They were perfect for a tea party!


Barnes and Noble

One day when we stopped at Barnes and Noble, Sabrina built a house out of Lego. I thought her roof was quite creative and cute.



A few weeks ago a girl gave me a flower. Sabrina had been wanting to that ever since. On payday I bought a bouquet and let her have fun giving the flowers away. One lady said it was her birthday. Another lady was being put down by the guy she was with, yet she lit up when Sabrina gave her a flower. Sabrina left a trail of smiles behind her with this simple act of kindness. We look forward to doing it again.


Pinball Hall of Fame- birthday

My birthday wasn't over so we went to the Pinball Hall of Fame. We got $20 in quarters and just had a good time until we ran out.

This was the first time I have ever won a stuffed animal out of one of these machines. Sabrina got a cute little duck.

I liked this bowling game so much that I wouldn't mind having one in our home.


Birthday lunch- Red Lobster

After the birthday hike we had lunch at Red Lobster. It was very yummy.


Red Springs Birthday Hike

For my birthday we went to Red Springs for a wonderful hike. This place is gorgeous! The pictures do not do it justice.

We hiked a different way than usual, and a bit farther than usual. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a hike. We had to scramble on the rocks. So much fun!

We are so blessed to be able to go on outings like this and just enjoy being together and making memories.


Tournament of Kings

After living in Las Vegas for all this time we finally went to see a Vegas show, (the only one we are interested in seeing). Years ago, Frank and I went to Medieval Times and loved it. We wanted to take the kids to see it, but we never did. We had plans of going out of town for my b-day that fell through, so we went to the Vegas version of Medieval Times- The Tournament of Kings.

The Tournament of Kings is a very fun good show. The story is about King Arthur so of course it had Merlin in it, as well as lady dancers, (this is Vegas so even family shows have a PG version of that)... yet we really enjoyed it.  Alex was thrilled by the sword fights. Sabrina was amazed by the horses. Frank and I enjoyed the whole story. Great time. And we got to eat with our hands!



I would love to show you pics of the show, but we weren't allowed to use cameras during the show. However, after the show we did get to take pics with some of the actors.

We had a great time and I am glad we went.