Thursday, August 29, 2013

Preaching at Fremont Street Experience

From Frank --
Every Friday some brothers and I go to Fremont Street in the Downtown area of Las Vegas to street preaching and pass out Gospel tracts. There are always stories to tell, some victorious when someone repents of sin and some sad, when people rebel against their own conscience and nature itself.
This is the light show at the Fremont Street Experience. We don't go witnessing under the lights, since that is where the public strip dancers are. We plant ourselves at on of the entrances to the area and have a fruitful time. The people who go here to party are empty, except of their vain desires, which are not fulfilling.
The team have portable amps we read the Bible and preach through, and speaking off a small foot stool.

There is no telling who you will run into there. You may even get to witness to Elvis!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Nature Center with Chrissy

Yesterday, after the park, I took the kids to the Nature Center. Though Chrissy had been to the Wetlands Park before, it was her first time to go to the Nature Center. I really enjoy introducing my kids' friends to new things like this.

 Since we were the only patrons I let the kids have free reign of the place. They got to try any and all activities they chose.

I've said it before and I'll say it again- the Nature Center is a wonderful place. I've told many parents of kids at church about this place. If you have something similar where you live check it out.


Sunset Park with Chrissy

Yesterday, I took the kids to Sunset Park for a couple of hours. The three kids had sooo much fun! They went back and forth from the splash pad to the playground equipment.

It was the first time we brought our giant Frisbee and it was a big hit with the two older kids.

They also enjoyed the water guns.

(The kids are having so much fun with Chrissy! They will be sad that today is my last day watching her.)


All Day Play-dates with Chrissy

The kids are thrilled that they got multiple all day play-dates with Chrissy. Chrissy has been with us this week while her mom is at work. Even when Amy, (her mom) comes to get her the kids beg for more time.

Since Sabrina is so much younger I played games with her while the older two played Angry Birds. I am trying to watch out for her so she doesn't get left out, but the older kids have been very good at not leaving her out.

Sabrina asked if she could have a sleepover with Chrissy. Sabrina has also been wanting to sleep downstairs in her "tent." God granted her request in an unusual way- this morning Chrissy was dropped off about 5. Sabrina woke up so the girls got to watch cartoons until they both fell back asleep in the living room.

All three kids have gotten along so well. They have played and had so much fun together.


Bullhead City, Az

On Saturday we went to Bullhead City, Arizona to help the local church evangelize. We met at their church for prayer then we went door knocking. It was extremely hot! The kids and I only helped out at one apartment complex. After that we sat in the air conditioned car while Frank knocked on doors.

When that was done we met the other groups at the Colorado River. That's right- playing in the river was part of the outreach! We briefly stopped at the park, but it was too hot even in the shade!

The church had a pavilion set up, with music, testimonies, a raffle, and free food. They even had some people boat preaching! Instead of street preaching they were preaching from a boat. We all enjoyed the water.


Home Bible Study

Our weekly Home Bible Study is still going strong. We had 12 people last week. We've had new visitors for the past few weeks. Last night we had 13 people and 4 people from the previous week were missing.

Vacation Bible School


I grew up going to Vacation Bible School. I loved Vacation Bible School. Our church doesn't offer Vacation Bible School so this year we took the kids to a local Baptist church for VBS. Because of our schedule we were only able to take them two nights. However, they had so much fun those two nights. They are already begging to go back next year.

Mexican Bakery

Before Alex's Martial Arts classes we stopped at a Mexican bakery and ate at a picnic table behind the recreation center. It was a nice change of pace for us.

Wetlands Park Playground

For family day we took the Park Challenge and went to a play ground that I recently noticed. I was surprised that it is part of the Wetlands Park.

Of course, the kids had fun.

Concert at the Park

Our church had a free concert at Paradise Park.
The kids had a great time playing then we listened to some good music. Alex was impressed with the trumpet player.

Cat's Breakfast

This is why the kids are supposed to clear the table after they eat.

You're looking a little guilty there, Mr. Cow.


Harmony Park

Our church has a monthly potluck fellowship that is usually at a park. The kids brought their scooters this time.

The group behind Alex is the church.


Free family Fun

For Family day we took the kids to some events at some local stores.

Family Christian Bookstore had a premiere of the new Veggie Tales movie, McLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle. The kids got a coloring sheet, stickers, and a poster.

Then we took them to Toys R Us for a Lego Legends of Chima event. They got a free Lego set and got to play with Lego.

After Sabrina got her free Lego set she got bored so we walked to see other things. She has been trying to talk me into buying her a car for about a year.
Both events were free and the kids got goodies at both.