Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mom's Worth

This is of course only a monetary calculation, but truly Moms are priceless.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Super Sabrina

There's a new super hero in town, inspired by the Ladybug Girl books. Let me introduce you to; Super Sabrina, whose powers include mighty reading powers, flying, rescuing people, donkey kicks, cartwheels, the power to be smart, and the power to help,! (Yes, Mom, her cape is the baby blanket from when I was little.)


Wayne's Visit- BounceU


BounceU is an indoor bouncy house and giant slide warehouse. Alex declared it is better than Pump-It-Up.

There was also a basketball shoot-off game. I played that more than anything else.

There were several challenging games. Frank was attempting to do the one Sabrina is doing. He almost made it to the top when he hit his head, hard enough to leave a mark, on the screen at the top! Poor guy, he would have made it too.

This was our first time going to BounceU, even though it is literally right down the road. Their open bounce time is right at the time I would have to pick Frank up from work, but since he had the day off it was a nonissue. Frank now works from home on Tuesdays so I may take the kids there sometimes.


Wayne's Visit- Grapevine Springs Park

Alex insisted we take GrandPapa to Grapevine Springs Park. So, we packed a picnic lunch and a few outdoor toys and went.

The kids mostly played on the playground equipment with other kids.

The grown-ups mostly talked or played with the Frisbee and ball.

I played kickball with the grown-ups and Sabrina begged me to play with her on the play ground.


Wayne's Visit- Whitney Mesa

We were privileged to have Frank's Dad come visit us. We always enjoy his visits immensely.

While he was here we hiked at Whitney Mesa. The kids were excited to find some shiny rocks that I think are quartz.

Unfortunately, the kids also knew we were going to their favorite Chinese buffet afterwards. Armed with this knowledge they complained that they were tired, it was so far to walk.... until I was sick of hearing them!