Sunday, December 4, 2016


Alex got Onitama for his birthday. It is a two player chess-like game. Players choose from three cards which shows the possible moves they can make. It is a very interesting game.

Another game we recently played is Carcassonne. It is a fun game that I think will get a lot more action now that Sabrina is getting older.

We also played Settlers of Catan several times recently. Alex really enjoys this one.

Sabrina got Sushi Go! for her birthday. At first she wasn't interested, "all you do is pass cards around." So I took time to teach her one-on-one and now it one of her favorite games.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wayne's Visit- Cousins

I am so very glad that Audrey gets to come visit us. She is a very sweet and smart young lady.

It makes me very happy that Alex and Audrey are so close and that the cousins get to spend time together and get to know each other.

Now that Sabrina is a bit older, she really hopes that she and Audrey become close friends too.


Wayne's Visit- Archery

Audrey requested that we go to archery. So, we went on Alex's b-day, which was also their last day here. The kids did good.


Alex's 12th B-day

Wow- Alex is 12! He has grown so much this year that he is almost as tall as I am. Alex has also grown in other ways; I notice him using initiative more often, he is thoughtful, he plans out what he wants and how to get it, he is very caring with younger kids... My boy is growing up, thankfully he is still a kid, but I do see glimpses of the man he will become.

We absolutely shocked him by giving him a crisp 100 dollar bill. He was completely blown away! I thought he would spend it all on one big thing, but instead he had a hard time choosing what to get. He ended up getting several things.

Alex was quite happy with his gifts. He has enjoyed every single one.


Wayne's Visit- Bounce U

Bouncy house places are not my favorite places, but my kids love them! So, we took them during birthday week.

Naturally, they had a wonderful time. They also got plenty of exercise during open bounce; nonstop for two hours.

I do, however, like this game. It plays multiple games and I enjoy them all.


Wayne's Visit-Discovery Children's Museum


We used our membership for the Children's Museum while Wayne and Audrey visited. I think it was Audrey's first time going there. As always, they had a great time.  Also as usual, we didn't make it to everything.

Sabrina showed the girl sitting next to her how to draw. It was so sweet.


Wayne's Visit- Rock Wall

Sabrina has been counting down until she was old enough to go to the rock wall at a local recreation center. Finally she has the opportunity to climb the 40 foot rock wall!

All three kids got to climb, but only two could climb at a time. Each child climbed multiple times, only as high as they wanted to.

Amazingly enough, Sabrina made it all the way to the top! She climbed 40 feet! She didn't know it but a small crowd joined me on the second floor and applauded her when she touched the bar!


Wayne's Visit- Planeteruim

While Wayne and Audrey were visiting we met the homeschool club at the Planetarium. Of course, I didn't take pictures during the show, but I took this one in the college bookstore before the show. Alex added several pieces to the jigsaw puzzle.


Wayne's Visit- Wetlands Park and Nature Center


Wayne and I took the kids to the Wetlands Park. We took a trail near the ponds this time. It was a nice walk. I think being out in nature was good for all of us.

We also stopped by the Nature center. The kids got to do hands-on activities.


Alex and Sabrina's Joint Birthday Party 2016

Alex and Sabrina's joint birthday party this year was Super Hero theme. Sabrina made up her own super hero- Catgirl, (very similar to Batgirl). Alex was going to dress up as Super Boy, but changed his mind when we found the Captain America costume for 90% off, (one of the perks of their b-days being right after Halloween). Audrey also made up her own super Hero- Super Cousin!

I used their Imaginext for décor, until a kid wanted to play with them. (I had an idea of getting kites with Superheroes from the dollar store, but they weren't available this time of the year. Too bad I didn't think of that at the end of Summer.)

I got some ideas off the internet for the party. Last year several kids lost their loot bags and there were some tears.... This year I found cloth bags on clearance and had the kids decorate them and more importantly write their names!  I also made bracelets like Wonder Woman's for the kids to decorate, but they weren't interested.

I painted a Styrofoam ball black to be a bomb. They never got around to playing hot potato with it. The kids were quite happy to just play in Alex and Sabrina's rooms so I relaxed with some other parents after fixing the food.

This is one idea I got online. Thor's Hammers made from Pretzels and cheese. Captain America's shield from fruit and whipped cream, (I substituted grapes for marshmallows even though it messed up the color scheme.)

I tried to have a mix of healthy and junk food. I also kept things simple with crockpots. We had Chicken Salsa and meatball sandwiches.

Of course, we had a piñata. The kids chose not to have a superhero piñata because Alex said it is weird to beat up your favorite character.

Once again we had a houseful! I was so glad. I am very thankful for our friends, many we have made through the homeschool group. Everyone seemed to have a great time.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hoover Dam Venture

While Marie and Alex and Sabrina were in the Co-op classes, Dad and I and Audrey went to the Hoover Dam. We first missed the exit and drove on the Tillman Bridge (the background) into Arizona and turned around. We eventually parked on the Arizona side of the Dam and walked across the Dam and returned to our parked vehicle. Three trips to Arizona in one day!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Wayne's Visit- Co-op

Frank, Wayne, and Audrey got to see the co-op in action. They came for the first class and lunch. It was the first time Frank had off on a Monday since we started co-op. The other moms and teachers were quite glad that Wayne and Frank got to watch.

Before co-op starts the kids play in the rec area. There is also a ping pong table, a magnetic dartboard, and a basketball game.

Frank and Wayne spent some time in Alex's class and some time in Sabrina's class.

While the kids were in class I played some games with Audrey in the rec area.

After lunch, Frank, Wayne, and Audrey went to the Hoover Dam.