Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow Day at Mt. Charleston

This morning was the perfect day for playing in the snow. So, we drove out to Mt. Charleston early to beat the rush.

Sabrina loved sledding and used it much more than the rest of us combined.

Alex enjoyed sledding, but really wanted to make snowballs and have a snowball fight. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right type of snow. We tried anyways and had a lot of fun.

Both adults had a go at it too. "Old people don't fly they tumble." -Frank Rendla

We really had fun playing in the snow. The kids would love to do it more often.

Another great family day!


Saturday, January 14, 2017


Hey! That's My Fish! was our first game tonight. Though we have all played the game, it was the first time that all four of us played it together. We used a suction cup nerf type bullet to pick up the game pieces. It helps to not move the tiles as much.

Nacho Loco is another fun game. It is simple and fast paced, yet we almost always play more than one round.

Ninjago the Board Game is a game that Alex has had in his collection for years, but it hasn't gotten much play. He brought it out tonight and explained how to play to the rest of us. Some aspects didn't make sense and therefore it was kind of boring. Afterwards I found out he took out some rules that make it more challenging. Next time we will play by the rules.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Change for an Animal Shelter

The kids had a lot of fun racing each other's coins in this coin well. I told them to remind me to bring the change from our charity jar next time we go to Sea Quest.


Homeschool Group- Sea Quest

Sea Quest is an aquarium that just opened at a nearby mall. Our homeschool group did a guided field trip there. Afterwards we got to stay as long as we liked. We stayed for hours and so did a lot of our friends. It was so much fun!

I absolutely love this place and so did the kids! Almost everything is hands on. They even got to touch rays and sharks!

We really enjoyed having dozens of parakeets land on us. We went in there multiple times. It was also nice that we got to do this with good friends!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mr. Cow



Both Sabrina and Chloe love it when Frank takes them for a walk.


Ronald McDonald House- Cards

The kids are decorating index cards to go into the sack lunches that the Ronald McDonald House gives out. They are drawing on one side and writing jokes on the other side. (After our trip I will have them draw their favorite animals and write interesting facts on the back.)

A pack of 100 index cards costs less than a dollar. I am having the kids do 5-10 at a time. I am considering inviting some of their friends over to make cards too.


Spread the Word Nevada- book cleaning

We cleaned books this morning. One of the other volunteers gave the kids suckers. My kids got a bunch of Zoobooks, since they don't accept magazines.




Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Discovery Children's Museum

We met a friend of Sabrina's at the Children's Museum. It was a great chance for me to get to know the mom better. I had a blast!

The kids got along really well. They had a lot of fun in the pretend play area.

It was the last time we will go with our membership, therefore, we spent more time than usual there. Well, that, and being there with friends.

 Once again thank you, Mom for paying for the membership.


Tea Party

We have not had a tea party, (hot cocoa) in a long time. Sabrina asked if we could get the little cakes at Trader Joes. A couple hours after dinner, though she prepared immediately, we had a tea party.


Cart Lessons

Sabrina loves cart lessons. At stores that have smaller carts or kid sized carts she gets to push the cart and load it up. I also talk to her about such things as not running and watching out for other customers.


Co-op- New Semester

We started a new semester of co-op. The classes are a continuation of the classes they had last semester. The only exception is that public speaking was a one semester course. This semester Alex is taking Manners in its place.

All of Sabrina's classes are the same as last semester. Both kids have new students in their classes and several students who were here last semester are gone. (The special needs student I worked with is not in co-op this semester.)

The biggest changes between last semester and this one are for me. Last semester I was a helper in two of Sabrina's classes and was assigned to clean that classroom.  Now I am assigned 30 minutes in the nursery, an assistant teacher in Alex's Manner's class, and am still an assistant in Sabrina's art class. I am also a floater in cleaning so one day I am doing the downstairs bathroom and something totally different the next week.

The change that will be the most challenging for me is that I am a substitute teacher. I am covering Alex's Manner's class next time because his teacher will be out of town.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Invitation to Preach

I got a rare opportunity to preach at our Mother church in East Las Vegas. Pastor Jones was gracious enough to invite me to speak to the congregation, many of whom are our old friends from when we attended the church there. It was good to be among friends and have a chance to encourage them.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Stamp Collecting


Sabrina has recently started collecting all kinds of stamps. She is very interested in this, so I am asking relatives to please save stamps for her. Alex is less interested, but did express a desire to collect ones that come on mail to him.

This week we will learn about stamp collecting as part of their homeschool. I also hope to be able to schedule a tour of a post office. She doesn't know it, but I found a stamp album online for her.


Game Night

We played Carcassonne. We all enjoy this game. Sabrina hasn't quite figured out the strategy involved, so both Frank and I help her get points if she falls too far behind. Alex won this game.

Zooloretto Mini is also fun, now that we figured out the rules. We are still working on the strategy. Frank won this game.

One reason we like board games is that we are able to teach life lessons and deal with attitudes as they arise. One player, who didn't read the rules, got upset because they didn't understand a rule. So after the game they were required to read the rules for themselves. Another player kept running off at the end of the game without helping to put it away. That player was called back and reminded of our rule that our family always puts the game away after playing with it.


Potter's House Christian Church of Green Valley- Outreach

Today several people from our mother church came to help us outreach.  Alex and I spent a few minutes waving at cars and holding signs with the church times. Then we babysat so the rest of the group could go door to door.

Sabrina was great at playing with her young friend and keeping her entertained.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Homeschool Group- Hidden Falls Park

We met our friends from the homeschool group at Hidden Falls Park. The kids got exercise and time with friends. I got to spend time with my friends too. We all had a cold but wonderful time.


Discovery Children's Museum

The kids and I spent the morning at the Discovery Children's Museum. Our membership ends in a few weeks, so I hope to take them again next week.

Two school buses were out front when we got there. We got inside before they did, so we started on the third floor. It turned out to be a smart move.

When we came back to the first floor, which is one of my kids' favorite parts, it wasn't too crowded. They spent quite a long time in the dress-up area. There is a castle and a pirate ship there with a theater in the middle.

Since it wasn't as crowded on the first floor we also spent more time than usual in the water part. Both kids got soaked. They had so much fun!

We didn't spend as much time as usual in the city area. The kids love getting to be workers in different shops.

Neither kid wanted to leave, but we have park day in a little while. They were thrilled when I told them we will try to go again next week.