Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hoover Dam Venture

While Marie and Alex and Sabrina were in the Co-op classes, Dad and I and Audrey went to the Hoover Dam. We first missed the exit and drove on the Tillman Bridge (the background) into Arizona and turned around. We eventually parked on the Arizona side of the Dam and walked across the Dam and returned to our parked vehicle. Three trips to Arizona in one day!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Wayne's Visit- Co-op

Frank, Wayne, and Audrey got to see the co-op in action. They came for the first class and lunch. It was the first time Frank had off on a Monday since we started co-op. The other moms and teachers were quite glad that Wayne and Frank got to watch.

Before co-op starts the kids play in the rec area. There is also a ping pong table, a magnetic dartboard, and a basketball game.

Frank and Wayne spent some time in Alex's class and some time in Sabrina's class.

While the kids were in class I played some games with Audrey in the rec area.

After lunch, Frank, Wayne, and Audrey went to the Hoover Dam.


Wayne's Visit- Church Picnic

On Sabrina's b-day we went to Whitney Mesa Park for a church picnic that Pastor Jones' congregation was hosting. It was fun.

Alex and Audrey spent most of their time at the playground.

Sabrina wanted to "hike" (walk) in the marsh.


Wayne's Visit- Birthday Lego sets

The kids had fun helping Sabrina build her Lego sets she got for her birthday.

Alex got some of his birthday money early and bought himself a set too.


Sabrina's 8th Birthday!

Wayne and Audrey joined us for Sabrina's 8th birthday! Sabrina is my very sweet, loving, smart, funny, adventurous, and sometimes silly girl. We are truly blessed to have her in our family.

As you can tell, she was extremely happy on her birthday.


 The bunnies that Aunt Sandy made her were her absolute favorite gifts. She has a bigger one that Aunt Sandy made when she was five that she sleeps with every night. Now, Bun-bun has younger siblings!

Of course, she was happy with all of her gifts. She got several Lego sets, gel pens, a game, money, gift cards...


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Homeschool Club: Wetlands Park Photography Hike

We met the Keepers and Contenders Club for a photography hike. The kids enjoyed being with their friends more than the lessons, (sad but true). I learned a few things. I was hoping they would get interested as they started, but not really.


Meeting the Needs of the Homeless at Sunset Park

Our church collected clothes to pass out to the homeless at Sunset Park. We also provided them with a meal.


After helping to set up, Alex and Sabrina played at the nearby, (within sight) play ground.

One lady got a brand new pair of shoes. Her old ones hurt her feet. She was really excited and said she had never seen anyone do what we did. Truthfully, we didn't do that much; most of the clothes were ones we didn't want any more and the meal was simple. Yet, God used a few people to reach out to her and her friend. We plan to go back.


Friend's B-day Party

We were invited to a birthday party for a friend of Alex. Sabrina is also a friend of his sister. We had a great time at a local park celebrating Jack's b-day.


Teaching kids to cook

The kids love to help bake cookies. Now I am starting to teach them more of the basics of cooking. I want both of them to know how to cook by the time they move out.


Ethel M

We spent a little while walking the trails at Ethel M. It was a lot of fun.