Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mommie and Alex time

Alex had a dentist appointment this morning. Afterwards I got to spent time with just him. It was very nice. The dentist's office has a video game in the waiting room. Since Alex didn't get a chance to play before his appointment we stayed for a little while afterwards.

At Toys R Us Alex showed me the new 2017 Lego sets. He also spent some of his money on one.

Next we went to the mall so he could go to Collector's Playground. Alex loves this store- old toys and comics. I let him take a Sailor Moon doll I had picked up at the thrift store to sell. He got $5 store credit. Since I always buy them a small toy when they have a doctor/dentist appointment; (started that when he was a toddler and I felt so bad about him getting shots...) I put a few dollars with it so he could get an action figure; Cyclops.

Next we had lunch at Subway. We spent quite a while there just chatting. It was a great day.


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