Monday, December 19, 2016

Girls Night In

Frank and Alex go to a monthly Men's Discipleship Class at another local church. While they are gone Sabrina and I have Girl's Night In. We normally play games, bake cookies, watch a DVD, and play with her toys.

Tonight we played a succession of quick games. The first of which, was Rory's Story Cubes. We have several sets of Story Cubes and Sabrina insisted we use them all. Players roll the dice then make up a story using the dice. The stories are pretty silly.

Acrobats was next. I am amazed that all of those bats were balanced. The top bat is a magnet. Players balance bats until the weight is too great for the magnet. This is an older game that I picked up at a thrift store. I noticed tonight that some of the hooks have broken off.

Go Nuts! is a dice rolling game. Players get points for rolling acorns, none for cars, and can reroll squirrels. If you roll two cars you lose your points. If you get all squirrels the other player rolls a dice with dog houses and a dog. The dog can get the squirrels and you lose you points. Sabrina loves this game.

Connect Four and More is a game I picked up on a whim for a stocking stuffer, (last year) mainly because it was 50% off. It is a fun game with four ways to play. We normally play the two player option where all tiles are face down and players take turns flipping the top one then matching the background to try to get four in a row. It is a fun fast paced game.

Rummy is a game that I played for hours with friends when I was a teen. I got a kids' version recently and have been teaching the kids. It is NOT Sabrina's favorite game, but she humors me occasionally.

Nacho Loco is a fun fast paced card game. I found it at a dollar store a while back. We all like it. The triangle shaped cards have different colors or actions that can be matched. You cannot play on the X's.

After the games we baked toll house chocolate chip cookies and watched a Barbie DVD. When the movie was over we danced to the closing song and watched one of the bonus features.

Sabrina loves it when I play with her Superhero Girls action figures, which oddly enough, live with My Little Ponies and Barbie's dogs. We were still playing with her toys when the boys came home. It has been another fun filled Girls' Night In.


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