Sunday, December 18, 2016


Taboo for Kids is a game that I picked up at a thrift store a while back. As always, check used games to be sure all pieces and instructions are there. (I learned this the hard way with a Lego game Alex, at six, really wanted... it wasn't pretty when we got it home and most of the Lego bricks were missing.)

My kids have never played a game like this so it took about half the game for them to catch on- sorta. They were both slow in giving out clues and sometimes they would give two clues then stop. Ex. It's round and you use it to carry milk. Uh, jug, luggage... give me more clues!  It was bucket. However there was a whole lot of laughter.

Gameplay- Two teams each take turns having one player sit with the opposing team while giving clues to the word on the card. The catch is several words that describe it are taboo. The opposing side is making sure you don't say any taboo words. If your teammates guess correctly you grab the next card and keep going until the time is out.


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