Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Gifts

Thank you to everyone who gave us presents. A lot of the things the kids received were from relatives. We appreciate you!

Alex got several games; Attila, Crab Stack, and Ninja vs Ninja, He also got books, an expansion to X-Wing Miniatures, a sketchbook,  2 Lego sets, and action figures.

Sabrina got several games; I Sea 10,  Me Want Cookie, Kaboom, and Great States Card Game. She also got books, a loom, 2 Lego sets, a magnifying glass, (she is a detective), and a couple of movies.

I got a game, Octopus Garden, a beautiful Wordsearch book, a lovely decorative clock, and a very nice breakable bird.

Frank got two games; Star Trek Panic and tabletop Shuffleboard. (He kept joking that we need to learn to play Shuffleboard for when we get old, so I talked Sabrina into getting it for him.) Alex also chose an expansion to X-Wing Miniatures for Frank without knowing he got a different one for Alex.

We also got a very nice food basket with different foods to try- the kids said it was like a buffet! Part of the money from grandparents is going to pay for classes at the rec center, repairs around the house, and help with our trip to California next month. 


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