Monday, December 26, 2016

Game Day

Frank had today off. We mostly spent the day at home, (I am the only one who went out). So we relaxed, straightened up, hung out, and played games throughout the day.

Frank and I played a few rounds of Rummy.  It's amazing how entertaining a deck of cards can be.

Frank and Sabrina played Apples to Apples Freestyle. She really likes this game. The rest of us think it is okay.

I got a chance to play Tabletop Shuffleboard. It is more challenging than it looks, but also very fun.

Star Trek Panic is another game we got for Christmas. Frank and I jumped in and figured it out as we went. At first I was confused and overwhelmed, but by Mission 3, I was starting to get the hang of it and by the time we won I really enjoyed it. It is a cooperative game that I think we will really enjoy as a family, though it will take time for the kids to catch on.

Sabrina and I played I Sea 10! She likes it much better since we changed the rule about the shark eating all of our tokens.

Alex and I played Attila. I have to admit he is much better at this type of game than I am. As his Mom, I do take some credit for that because I assign the kids logic games as part of their school. Still doesn't change the fact that I keep losing to a 12 year old- great fun.

Sabrina and I enjoyed playing Fruit Ninja Card Game.

Niya remains one of Sabrina's favorite games. We play it often.

Sabrina and I also played Connect 4 and More. It is a fun tile laying game.

Chess is another game Alex likes. He participates in our homeschool group's chess club. He is both teaching me to play and using me as practice.

Tonight was the first time Frank and Alex played Tally Ho! together. Alex managed to win.

The guys also played a few turns of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures. Frank took time to paint. Sabrina watched a movie. Alex played a computer game. I went to the store and did a couple of Wordsearches. All in all a wonderful day.



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