Thursday, December 1, 2016

Alex and Sabrina's Joint Birthday Party 2016

Alex and Sabrina's joint birthday party this year was Super Hero theme. Sabrina made up her own super hero- Catgirl, (very similar to Batgirl). Alex was going to dress up as Super Boy, but changed his mind when we found the Captain America costume for 90% off, (one of the perks of their b-days being right after Halloween). Audrey also made up her own super Hero- Super Cousin!

I used their Imaginext for décor, until a kid wanted to play with them. (I had an idea of getting kites with Superheroes from the dollar store, but they weren't available this time of the year. Too bad I didn't think of that at the end of Summer.)

I got some ideas off the internet for the party. Last year several kids lost their loot bags and there were some tears.... This year I found cloth bags on clearance and had the kids decorate them and more importantly write their names!  I also made bracelets like Wonder Woman's for the kids to decorate, but they weren't interested.

I painted a Styrofoam ball black to be a bomb. They never got around to playing hot potato with it. The kids were quite happy to just play in Alex and Sabrina's rooms so I relaxed with some other parents after fixing the food.

This is one idea I got online. Thor's Hammers made from Pretzels and cheese. Captain America's shield from fruit and whipped cream, (I substituted grapes for marshmallows even though it messed up the color scheme.)

I tried to have a mix of healthy and junk food. I also kept things simple with crockpots. We had Chicken Salsa and meatball sandwiches.

Of course, we had a piñata. The kids chose not to have a superhero piñata because Alex said it is weird to beat up your favorite character.

Once again we had a houseful! I was so glad. I am very thankful for our friends, many we have made through the homeschool group. Everyone seemed to have a great time.


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