Thursday, December 29, 2016

Game night

Alex got in some Chess practice with Papa and me. I also had him watch a couple of short videos on youtube.

I taught Sabrina to play Checkers. Frank also played her when he got home. She caught on pretty quick. After a few more games she will be a challenge to play.

We played Octopus Garden. We have not gotten all the rules down yet, but by immediately replacing tokens we were able to cut the wait time down. We had fun.

Another game we played was Fruit Ninja Card Game, which is one of Sabrina's favorite games right now.

Ninja Vs. Ninja  is a new game for us (came in the mail today). It is a two player game that Frank and Alex played. The goal is to "sneak" into the opposing players dojo and safely back to yours. They liked it.


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