Thursday, December 22, 2016

Games- Mommy vs everybody

I get to play games just me and Sabrina whenever the boys are gone to Men's Discipleship Class so tonight I made a point of playing games with Alex while Sabrina was busy.

Struggle for Catan is a card game that Alex really enjoys. I enjoy it as well, though I am not as good at it as Alex is. He has played it a lot more than I have and normally wins.

Battle Sheep is always fun. I beat Alex the first round and he beat me the second round. The goal is to claim more pasture than your opponent(s). It can get pretty cutthroat as you try to block each other.

Tally Ho! is a fun game that I introduced Alex to. We both enjoyed it. We didn't keep score because we are still figuring out the strategy of the game.

Scrabble Junior isn't my type of game, but Sabrina likes it so we played it. She won by quite a bit, okay she had twice as many words as I did.

Ticket to Ride Europe is one of my favorite games. Frank won by one point.

In Mommy verses everyone I didn't do too well, but I had fun. (See, I am modeling how to be a good sport.)


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