Saturday, December 10, 2016

Game night- a few new to us games

Alex got Ticket to Ride United Kingdom with Pennsylvania for his birthday from his Aunt Sandy. Frank, Alex, and I played the United Kingdom portion without the technology cards. It was fun and we look forward to playing it more correctly next time. I love Ticket to Ride and am glad we now have this one too.

Make N Break is a game I picked up at a thrift store a while back. It plays quite a bit differently than I thought based on the name. On a player's turn he rolls the dice to see how much time he has to build as many structures as he can in 1-3 minutes. It comes with 10 blocks. Some cards are grey scale and others have color and have to be built exactly. It is a very fun game. The timer in ours was messed up so we used our phones instead.

We also played Monopoly Jr. We give every one $20 instead of $16 to ensure we all make it around the board at least once. This time the game was dragging on and on so when I had the choice of landing on boardwalk or somewhere else I chose to fork over $10 (Frank owned both properties). Then on my next turn I got another chance card and made another decision to end the game. Frank and I were laughing at my choices, but neither kid seemed to pick up on what I did.


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