Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blue Orange Games

We own about 7-8 Blue Orange Games. I really like every one of them. In fact Sabrina got one for her birthday, (that we haven't played yet; she needs to practice with it before we make it a competition) and Alex is getting one for Christmas.

Pengoloo is a matching game. Each penguin has a colored egg under it. Players roll two dice to see which colors they should find. The first one to get six wins. The game is simple enough for toddlers, yet fun enough that we still enjoy it.

Gobblet Gobblers remains one of Sabrina's favorite games. The girl is good. She beats me almost every time, maybe because I am old and thinking more along the lines of traditional Tic Tac Toe. In this version the pieces come in three sizes and the bigger pieces can gobble up the smaller pieces.

Niya is another favorite of Sabrina's. I think she first got interested because I made the characters talk and now we have an ongoing storyline as part of the game. It is a two player tile laying matching game. Each square has two pictures on it; rain and a branch. The first player picks up a tile and replaces it with a character tile. The next player has to choose a tile with one of the attributes of the previous tile. The object of the game is to get four in a row or make a two by two square. Another way to end the game is if a player cannot make a move. My only complaint is that the character tiles have become very scratched up, after only a few games, (we play this one a lot so now they are very very scratched up).

Quack Quack is a game I picked up at a thrift store. My copy is missing a dice so we just match two colors instead of three. Each animal has three colors. Players roll the three dice to see which colors to match the first player to grab the correct animal wins. She enjoys this one. I think that it is too simple with a missing dice, but it is helping her improve her speed which will come in handy with other games.


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