Thursday, December 15, 2016

Co-op first semester

Our first semester of co-op has been absolutely wonderful. We have made very good friends, we have learned a whole lot, and we have been stretched. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community of homeschoolers. We plan to participate in co-op from now on.

Alex took writing, science, public speaking, and art. Before this semester Alex would complain about writing and claim he didn't know what to write. Now his stories are quite creative and a pleasure to read. I was also impressed with his speech. He also learned to get along with others and to deal with an obnoxious kid (only one).

Sabrina had literature, geography, science, and art. I am very pleased with how much she has learned. She also learned things like getting along with others and how to treat a special needs friend. She often does extra work and wants to learn more about the subjects she is learning about in co-op.

With the exception of teaching Sunday School, I have never been a helper in a classroom setting. This semester I helped out in two of Sabrina's classes. I mostly worked with the special needs child, who is very hyper. It has certainly stretched me beyond my comfort zone, yet it has been highly rewarding.

We are looking forward to next semester, which starts next month. All classes will continue, except public speaking. Alex will take a manners class in its place.


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