Sunday, December 20, 2015

Games, Games, Games

We have been playing lots of games lately and plan on more because we are getting new ones for Christmas!

Frank and I enjoyed playing Battle Sheep several times. I have also played this game against Alex several times recently. It is a very fun game that has been played many many times and we have had it for less than a month!

I bought Carcassonne with some Christmas money I received. Since I picked it out I did not wait until Christmas to play it. It is a tile matching game and you get points for completing roads, cities, and fields. There are a lot of expansions, in fact two expansions were also included in the box I bought. I did not know if Sabrina would like this game or not, but she enjoyed it very much. We only played it once so we haven't yet figured out the strategy behind it and really just got a feel for the game. I think we will be playing it quite a bit.


We also played Kids on Stage Charades, which is a game I recently picked up at the thrift store. In this game the player spins the spinner which tells him which type of card to choose; Action, Animal, or Object. Without letting the other players see the card the player acts out what is on the card.  I like that it has pictures as well as words so even nonreaders can play. We have never played Charades as a family, but both kids love to act so they really enjoyed it.

I brought it to the church potluck for the kids to play, but I do not know if they played it or not. I plan on bringing it next time.


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