Monday, December 14, 2015

Game Night- Marie and Frank

While the kids were busy doing other things Frank and I played a few games just the two of us, (of course I had the kids take a few pictures). It is very important that we spend time together as a couple too. I also believe it is important that the kids see us spending time together.

Tri-ominos is a game I love to play. It is pretty much triangle shaped dominos. We do have the kids' version, but I prefer the original. The original is too hard for Sabrina so it doesn't get played as much as I would like.

Another classic is Chinese Checkers. Once again it is too hard for Sabrina, though Alex has shown some interest in learning to play. I used to play this game with my Mamaw; I never won, but I kept trying. I rarely win against Frank, but it is fun.


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