Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Game Night with Friends

We invited our very good friends, the Chavez's over for a game night. We have never invited anybody else over to play games, but it was a whole lot of fun.

Before they came over I set out games that the four adults could play and another stack for the three older children, (ones they could play without help). I also left out some preschool games for their young daughter.

First up for the adults was Battle Sheep. It was pretty competitive and a lot of fun. One game ended in a tie between the two men and Angie won the other time. She said she wants to get the game.

First up for the kids was Monopoly Junior. I don't know who won, but I do know they didn't put the game away and left it scattered on the floor. I had to remind them about the put a game away before getting another one rule. I think we got all the pieces, but I won't be surprised if we find one or two under the couch.

Next Alex challenged Angel to Battle Sheep. That kid is ruthless; he had Angel blocked within a couple of turns. I reminded him it was Angel's first time to play and told him to let Angel take a few turns before trapping him. I didn't want Angel to think the game was too hard and no fun, especially since his mom wants to get it.

Ticket to Ride was the next game for the adults. Our friends had never played it before so it took a little while to explain the rules. With four people playing, laughing, and joking around I had a hard time keeping up with whose turn it was. I was not surprised that Frank won.

Alex and Angel played a couple rounds of Toss Across using their hands instead of bean bags.

We had a great time. I kept the food easy- meatball subs, a veggie tray, and store bought cupcakes. After the kids played a few games they also played in Alex and Sabrina's rooms. Having friends over for a game night is definitely something I want to do again.


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