Saturday, December 26, 2015

Game Time

We played various games throughout the day, today.

Frank and I played Niya, which is a two- player game I got for Christmas. It is a matching game with the goal of getting four in a row or in a 2x2 square. Each tile has two features and players choose a tile with one of the features of the last tile played to replace with a token. I also played this game with the kids.

Alex wanted to play Catan Board Game. I have not played this game in so long I could not remember how to play. I will need to read the rules before I play again. I got skunked by both guys.

While the kids were otherwise occupied, Frank and I played the original Ticket to Ride.

The kids and I played Monopoly Junior. (Frank was busy preparing for tomorrow's services.)

I played multiple games of Gobblet Gobblers with both kids.

I also played Connect 4 & More with them multiple times.


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