Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Game Night

We pulled out a game that we have had for a while, but never played; Scattergories Junior. I love the original Scattergories (which we also have) and thought that the kids would like the kid version. I knew that Sabrina would need help, but I underestimated just how much help she would need. Alex liked it though.

The game is played just like the original, but there are only six items for each category and the lists are different. Good game.

Looney Tunes! Mastermind Towers is a fun game that Sabrina loves. It is a two player game. Each player has a tower and chooses four or five small tiles. The other player get the same tiles, but bigger. The small tiles are put into the tower where the other player cannot see the order. The object of the game is to figure out the order of the tiles using the big tiles.

The only problem I have is that Sabrina gets confused and tells me I have them in order when I do not.

I found the rules for Sequence for Kids online. It is much more interesting than how we were playing. Each player gets three cards and has to choose which one to play to get four in a row and block your opponents from winning.

We found Bionicle the Quest Game at a thrift store. Alex wanted it although it was missing a lot of pieces and the instructions. So we got it. He made up rules as we went along and we used minifigs as the counters. That look on his face is why we played this game without rules or even an idea of what we were supposed to do.

Another new game that we have had for a while is Sequence States & Capitals. I like that this game will teach the kids to identify states and capitals. I think later on I might add a blank map of the U.S.A. for them to find the states. Sabrina needed help, but she was excited when she knew a state and especially when she drew Nevada.

The boys played Squad Leader. It is a military strategy game that takes a while to play. While they did that I played a lot of quick games with Sabrina.

Toss Across is a game that I thought the kids would love, but they don't. When we played it with the bean bags it was frustrating because sometimes the bean bag would get stuck and other times it would spin and spin the letter we were trying to get. We ended up just using our hands.

Ever since I opened Hyper Dash, on Thanksgiving, she has played it multiple times as a single player game. I normally don't go for battery operated games, but I made an exception for this one and I am glad I did. This game has several ways to play, but we have only played one. It tells you what color to hit next and it times you. Player with the best score wins the round. The pieces can be spread out much farther than she has them to include the dash part.

Next we basically played trouble using the Parcheesi board and two dice. Sabrina had fun adding the numbers on the dice, which was great practice. I also tried, once again, to teach her not to just move one piece and leave the other three near home.

Zingo, is a fun twist on Bingo. Instead of calling numbers, two picture tiles are revealed if one appears on your card be the first to grab it. Whoever fills their card first wins. Sabrina shared that this is her favorite game.

After they finished playing Squad Leader, Alex and I played Whac-A-Mole Card Game. It is a fast paced card game. Each player flips a card and if they match or there is a wild card the first player to hit the hammer card gets the cards. I also played it with Sabrina, but I have to slow way down with her. I often bring this game if we go somewhere that we have to wait; like a doctor's office.

Think & Jump is a solitary peg game. You start with one empty hole then jump pegs until there are no more next to each other. The fewer left the better.


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