Thursday, December 3, 2015

Game Night

We are trying to get in the habit of having game night at least weekly.

Our first game of the night was a new one for us; Monopoly Junior. It is a fast paced, much simpler version of the original. We played it twice, but next time we will give everyone $20 to start with instead of the allotted $16 so everyone can at least go around the game board once. I will also get snack size ziplock bags to store all pieces and starter money for each character to make startup time quicker.

Next up we modified Travel Qwirkle to be a cross between Bananagrams (which we have) and Pivit by Mindware (which I want). We each got 24 tiles and used two pennies as the trade in tiles. Then we each made our own crosswords with at least three per row. Sabrina, being younger, was allowed to have only two per row, but most of her rows had more. It was a fun game and I played it as a solitaire game later.

Scrabble Alphabet Soup is a game we haven't played in a while. We only played one round because the kids were being goofy and fighting over it.

We also played Sequence for Kids. It is fun to watch the kids strategize.

Sabrina begged to play Zingo, so, of course, we did.

We finished up with what used to be Sabrina's favorite game; Candyland. When we got this last year, she had me play up to ten times a day for the first week and she had me read the storyline at least three times. She still likes it, but it is no longer her favorite.


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