Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bible Kids Club

Bible Kids Club is still going on. This time, the kids watched a DVD about the first Christmas. Then they did crafts. I had wrapped a shoebox and asked the kids if they knew what God wanted for Christmas. They took turns guessing then I finally showed them a mirror and told them God wants them, their prayers, their love, their time...

I got these jumping frogs for another lesson, but we had time so the kids enjoyed playing with them.

An interesting thing that we did not plan on when we started Bible Kids Club, (Sabrina's idea) is that grown ups and teens would come. Sometimes the parents bring a friend with them or sometimes we have several teens. While we were still having the meetings in our home we realized we needed something to occupy the adults who brought the kids. So now, while the kids are doing crafts and games the adults watch a DVD geared for grown-ups and then discuss it.


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