Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve- Games from Stockings

Alex got the game Left, Center, Right in his stocking. It is a dice game with tokens. Each player gets three tokens then rolls the three dice. If the player gets a left he passes a token to the player on the left, if he gets a right he passes a token to the player on the right, if he gets a star he puts a token in the center, and if he gets a dot he keeps the token. If a player has less than three tokens he rolls the same number of dice as tokens he has. The tokens in the center are out of the game and the game is continued until all but one token is in the center. It was a fun game.

Sabrina got the game Connect 4 & More in her stocking. It is a tile laying version of Connect 4. We played the four player version multiple times. The kids really enjoyed this fast paced game. The tiles have different backgrounds that have to be matched, but the goal is still to connect four.

Although Sabrina, (who loves making up stories) got an expansion pack of Rory's Story Cubes in her stocking, we opened a family gift of the base set and played only that. With Rory's Story Cubes players roll the dice then make up a story including all of the face up pictures. It was fun and since we homeschool I will sometimes have the kids write/type out the stories to practice writing/typing. (Don't be surprised if we end up owning the other expansions too.)

Later Frank and Alex used the miniature that Alex gave Frank when they played X-Wing Miniatures. Since I have not played this game I cannot tell you how it is played, but they seem to enjoy it.


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