Monday, January 23, 2017

Subsitute Teacher

I have never been a substitute teacher before. I was nervous. I had not taught a class of kids Alex's age in about ten years. Yet, after I got started I actually enjoyed it. I sincerely hope they learned the proper way to introduce themselves because they had way more fun doing it wrong!

The kids were using mirrors to see the difference between smiling and frowning as they introduced themselves. Needless to say, they really enjoyed making faces in the mirror.

I am also a helper in Sabrina's art class. They used paint today so I was kept busy.

After co-op today I was completely worn out. It was the good kind of worn out because several of the kids liked the manners class, (didn't ask the rest; hope they did), playing with the babies was fun, and I got a hug from a boy in Sabrina's class.


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