Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Co-op- New Semester

We started a new semester of co-op. The classes are a continuation of the classes they had last semester. The only exception is that public speaking was a one semester course. This semester Alex is taking Manners in its place.

All of Sabrina's classes are the same as last semester. Both kids have new students in their classes and several students who were here last semester are gone. (The special needs student I worked with is not in co-op this semester.)

The biggest changes between last semester and this one are for me. Last semester I was a helper in two of Sabrina's classes and was assigned to clean that classroom.  Now I am assigned 30 minutes in the nursery, an assistant teacher in Alex's Manner's class, and am still an assistant in Sabrina's art class. I am also a floater in cleaning so one day I am doing the downstairs bathroom and something totally different the next week.

The change that will be the most challenging for me is that I am a substitute teacher. I am covering Alex's Manner's class next time because his teacher will be out of town.


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