Wednesday, January 4, 2017


It's no secret that we like games around here.

Zooloretto Mini is a game that I have wanted for a while, but waited until I found it cheaper. The players are zoo keepers who are trying to fill each of their enclosures with one type of animal. The problem is you have to take all animals on the truck. The extras go into the barn where they count as negative points at the end of the game. On your turn you can take animals out of another players barn or give them one of your unwanted animals.

I am trying to get Sabrina into more challenging games that require a bit more strategy than luck. This game fits that bill nicely and she finds it fun.

Frank and I enjoyed playing the original Ticket to Ride. He won by one point the last two times we played.


Attila continues to be a challenge for me. I haven't won yet, but I will.

Sabrina really likes the Fruit Ninja Card Game.  She chooses it almost every time she picks a game.

Kaboom! Is a fun game. One player tries to build as many towers as shown on the cards as possible while the other players use catapults to throw dice toward the towers. It is very fun. The only problem is Sabrina being younger is at a disadvantage. We will have to come up with a handicap for her; maybe give her more time or use less dice when it is her turn.


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