Sunday, January 29, 2017

San Diego Trip- San Diego Zoo

Sabrina was chosen out of the crowd to be the one to release the birds to open the San Diego Zoo! Since we were only planning on spending about three hours at the zoo, before heading home, we each chose one or two animals we really wanted to see. Frank carefully mapped our course; taking time to see the other animals along the way, of course!

Once again, I was glad for the educational signs. We all learned interesting tidbits through them.


The panda and the Tiger were on union breaks and couldn't be bothered, (the other tiger was pacing at a distance; possibly waiting for his break).

The wrapped gift for the zoo was a three in one puzzle set, Alex got lions and Sabrina got lemurs.

By the end of our three day Theme Park Exercise Program I was very sore and very tired, (and possibly very grumpy). However, despite that, it was another great day.


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