Sunday, January 29, 2017

San Diego Trip- Sea World

We began and ended our time at Sea World with the cleaner fish. Alex said they were his favorite part. It tickles when they clean your hands. I only did one hand, but I wish I did both because the hand I did is still so much smoother days later.

We also enjoyed petting the Bamboo Sharks.


We really enjoyed the shows. Sabrina has declared she wants to be a dolphin trainer. It is amazing how well trained these animals are.

I also liked the educational aspect of Sea World. There were multiple signs telling about the different animals and we heard several educational talks on the animals.

Of course, just observing the many animals there was amazing and educational.

We also rode a few rides. The SkyRide was one that all four of us went on together. Two of us loved it and two of us aren't really fond of heights, but went anyway. Alex and Sabrina also went on the roller coaster. It was Sabrina's first time on a full sized roller coaster- she did NOT like it.

We got to Sea World at opening and stayed for seven hours. At the car I surprised the kids with another wrapped gift- a penguin fuzzy poster with markers and an underwater paint by number scene.  Another perfect day!


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