Sunday, January 29, 2017

San Diego Trip- Legoland

A while back Sabrina won a drawing for 4 multiday passes to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and the Zoo Safari. We have wanted to take the kids to LEGOLAND for five years so we ditched the Zoo Safari and used two free child coupons to take them to LEGOLAND instead! They were completely taken by surprise!

I even got them each a minifig to trade throughout the day. Alex made one trade and Sabrina made so many trades that we lost track. We were given a coupon to get 6 build your own minifigs for the price of 3. Nice! The kids had their allowance they could spend, and of course, Alex spent his at LEGOLAND.

It's funny; Sabrina didn't even want to go into the Lego Friends section. Yet, once she got there she stood at the front of the concert and danced along. And she was very excited to meet several of the "Friends". She also really liked the other displays and riding the carrousel.

We were amazed at the Lego models. They are incredible. There were many, many throughout the park. The kids posed with many of them. We also got to watch some Masterbuilders in action.

We also enjoyed many of the rides. We really liked the Ninjago ride; we did it three times. It is a 3D screen and your hand is the controller- very fun!

Of course, you cannot be surrounded by that many Lego bricks and not spend some time building! Alex wants to be a Lego Designer so he got plenty of inspiration.

At the car the kids received another surprise. I had bought and wrapped a Lego Batman Movie set for both kids.

Not enough sleep. Long drive. LEGOLAND from opening until closing. Perfect day!


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