Friday, October 28, 2016

Sunset Park- Splash Pad

We didn't go to the splash pad much this year. I think we went right before they shut down for the season because I remembered, "oh, yeah, we haven't done that." The kids had a great time. They brought water guns and let other kids there play too.

I got the water guns from the dollar store so I wasn't worried about them getting lost or broken. I also made sure I have a lot in different sizes so other kids can play too. I tried water balloons before, but they were a pain to fill and caused a lot of litter, which took time to pick up. Water guns can be used over and over then recycled when they break. 

Disclaimer: Of course, the kids know not to play with real guns. We don't own any, but we have friends who do and keep them locked up. However, just in case, they know not to touch a gun and to tell a grown-up if they find one.


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