Saturday, October 29, 2016

Get Outdoors Nevada Day

Get Outdoors Nevada Day is so much fun! They have so many booths and activities that we didn't do most of them. However, we certainly did enjoy the ones that Alex and Sabrina did get to do. The kids got to try a lot of different things.

They each got to shoot a BB gun. It was a bit hard to hit the target because it was a very windy day.

They got to go kayaking! Alex even got to do it himself. Last year it was just in a giant pool, but this time they got to go around a pond!

Next, they got to shoot a suction cup crossbow at the target.

They got to race on stick horses. It was fun watching them try to rope the "steer".

They got to shoot candy from a slingshot.

Not only did they get to ride bikes, but they were each given a new helmet and learned about bike safety.

They also got to tour a police car and a fire truck. Several booths gave information about various topics too. It was a whole lot of fun.


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